Sunday, December 9, 2018


Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Well it is that time of the year when we all begin decorating for Christmas.This year I actually put up a tree due to the fact that our youngest and her husband are coming home, for 10 days, plus the rest of the family as well. 16 plus us Woo Hoo
So out came all the boxes of the stuff. I am hovering on letting all the children pick what they want as mementos of their childhood.

My brain telling me time to declutter my heart is  saying don't they look nice. Anyway the tree went up first.

When the children were little I made an ornament for them every year till the youngest turned 18, so when they left home they had some to start with. None of them are in my collection now.

 I love this dresser, but had to find a place to put all the stuff that was sitting there.

This above is a favorite of mine, I have two different ones, just love the little blocks.

 You will notice that snowman feature quite largely in my decorations, always loved them.


I am having a reindeer theme, this year. These were purchased on a last visit to the youngest in America.

The second little blocks.

I don't entertain anymore, but at least the place looks tidy enough for visitors.


 So how are your decorations going? We didn't put up any outside lights as most have blown bulbs etc now. Hoping though to do a lights tour Christmas Eve.

Till Next Time.


  1. What a fantastic collection of Xmas ornies you have Chris! You would almost need another house to store them in! Or do you have a spare shed out the back, lol!

  2. Fits into 4 boxes on wheels, which then slide in under the bottom shelf of my linen/everything storage cupboard.


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