Saturday, March 4, 2017


A New Homemakers Forum

The Down to Earth Simple Living Forum instigated by Rhonda Hetzel is going to close on the 16th March 2017. Rhonda has decided to close down her very popular forum after 8 years. She has written several great books on Simple Living and I would guess encouraged thousands of women to appreciate their homes, cook from scratch, stop consumerism of the latest objects, and slow down.
 I entirely agree with simplifying your life, using green products, and anything to do with a self sufficient lifestyle as best you can. Many ladies are very sad at its closure, as online friends are quite common and its a close knit community, and even some meet up regularly within their district; to have it all disappear seems such a shame.

Citrus Cleaner

It is with great pleasure though that I have been invited to moderate at  a brand new forum. Using similar principles but not carrying on where the Down to Earth forum, left off.  A brand new start. This forum is called  The Homemakers Forum, and won't be opened until after the other is closed, out of respect for Rhonda's hard work. A date is yet to be set but it will only be a few days later. You can join and be accepted but as yet, no-one can enter.

If that wasn't enough work thinking up ideas for threads and checking things were running smoothly, the Community Garden meeting is this Tuesday, so another new year for John and I in  helping that move along. So far the fence is up and several gravel paths have been laid. A Membership Drive is being formed and an opening being arranged. In the future I hope to teach what I have learned over the many years growing vegetables, preserving and making my own cleaners etc.

Cleaning time front garden.

Just a quick blog today, as you have read been a little bit busier than usual. Hope to see you on the new forum.          

Stay safe.

Till next time.


  1. Hey Chris, well written. Love the garden pic.

  2. yes, am one of the ones that sat here crying when i read the news of the closure, so sad but can understand it; we all have commitments & Rhonda's are family & home, am just glad she is keeping her blog going for a little while longer, that one will be a hard one to say good bye to when she finally stops writing.
    you have a lovely little garden there, ooo, must start saving the lemon peels again for new cleaner, thanx for the reminder.
    thanx for sharing

  3. Thank you Selina B. I am so glad we can still visit on her blog, and gather lots of information from that. It can remane
    open for future generations as well. It will be very strange not to tune into the DTE forum though after all these years.

  4. Thank you for the link to the new forum Chris. I wasn't able to click on it through the DTE forum. So I am glad you posted it here so I could register :)

    I have so much respect for Rhonda and all she has done to help others. It is sad to see the forum close, but I can definitely see the reasons why. Rhonda has fingers in many pies and needs to make room to spend time with her family. I have been following her blog since the beginning. She is the reason I started my simple living life and blog. I will be forever grateful for all I have learned through the years.

    Take care,

  5. Hi Chris, I popped in to visit after I read Mistyh's post on the HM forum, complimenting you on your write up here. It is a lovely post indeed - well done! Love your blog too:-)

  6. Ah! Thank You for this message, it's taken me awhile to work out what happened (I entirely missed to closure of DTE as I was so busy winding up my working life and retiring from the workforce) and though I did eventually find Rhondas new blog I still couldn't work out what had happened to DTE ... ah well, all is clear now.

    I've just requested to become a member so hopefully I'll see you all on the new board soon.


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