Saturday, April 29, 2017


Victorian Holiday Destination - Part Five Trip Home

With roughly 1400 km to home we set off from Melbourne early on a Sunday morning. The caravan and ute packed to the hilt with everything from plants, food, bulbs, and the last of the estate of mum and dad. 
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On the Road Again

Stopped at a road side stop for lunch, which was very pretty 

Toilet Block

Loved the toilet block wall, a lot of work.

Cute Little Stream

And a bridge to go over it.

We were going to stay the first night in Henty on the Victorian border but travelled so well that we went on to Gundagai and stayed the night. This town is very famous for the "Dog that sits on the Tuckerbox" statue. We didn't do any tourist stuff as we have been here many times, so it was a relaxing stay with no rain.

Setting off again next morning we travelled to Berrima, only about 3 hours from Sydney,  and a completely different day, being cold and wet so our campsite for the night of which there are only 4 all unpowered and rules that you can't use them more than once every 4 weeks and maximum 2 days at a time, turned out to be very wet underneath and muddy.

Entrance to Camp site Berrima

We didn't bother opening the awning as too wet to sit outside anyway. It was freezing cold also at night and glad I took my hot water bottle. Battery power lights were ok and a good test that I could still embroider (in bed to keep warm) by them.

Muddy Underfoot

View behind us of a little river and where a wooden  bridge was made by German POW.  Using trees around the  area. 

Berrima is another very cute town full of craft style shops and old buildings. We had a lovely ploughman's lunch and looked around the town

A must visit to the Patchwork Shop

Main Street

This was an amazing Aladdin's cave of a shop.

Other end of street, love these ducks they were smaller then the one I bought on the Adelaide trip. Baskets were nice also. Bought a lovely woolen hat in here, and an interesting  Candle Stand. They had everything from  french cooking ware, clothes, hats, bags, decor, linen, silk flowers, it was part of a house with many rooms, and lots of nice goodies.

Love the artistic value of this shop window.

Across the road from Shops

Leaving early again after a cold night we were going to stay up the mountains at Barrington Tops for two nights, but in the end headed straight for home and arrived about 4.30pm. The rest of the week was filled with medical appointments for me, and lots of unpacking and washing. The garden was a mess also, after Hurricane Debbie tail end of rain and more rain, for 3 weeks.

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure

Till Next Time. 


  1. That was great! Fantastic photo's, have you got one of the little woolen hat you bought?

  2. Yes I have will email it too you.

  3. Welcome home Chris. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your trip and I agree with Careena, lovely photos.

    1. Thankyou Kylie, nice to know that, as you know keeping up with a blog is much harder than you think

  4. What a fun trip. The shops look like they could be a little dangerous on the pocketbook 😁
    PS found you through the forum.

  5. Other than raining most of the time it was good to get away. Thank you for commenting, really appreciate it.


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