Monday, June 12, 2017


Weekend At The Gold Coast with John Williamson

The children sent a surprise to John for his birthday last month, being two tickets to a famous Australian country singer, John Williamson, for a concert at his property in a specially  built shed named Willowshed. He lives on top of a steep mountain, at Springbrook, Queensland.

On the right track

View of Willoshed with Old Man Emu

 It rained the whole weekend, torrential in fact, so made for scary driving, and at the property which was so steep and muddy, John had to use 4WD, which he secretly enjoyed.

We walked up to the Shed

 They had a jeep taking some  people up but we walked in the rain, as it had stopped to a drizzle luckily.

Fire was going outside and a sausage sizzle and drinks being served inside.

 Area you can see toilets and sausage sizzle under cover.

Our tickets were actually metal discs, and when handed in both of us received a Navy Enamel Mug, with Willowshed, printed on them. A lovely souvenir to have for our camping trips.

Metal tickets

The show was really good, only 200 guests per visit, and we had an hour wait before the show to look at all the bits and pieces on the walls. Drink tea, eat sausages. A lot of guest did BYO.

One of many walls with old paraphernalia
Stage all set up.
He had with him a violin/ accordion player plus another guitar/melodica player.

Seating for show

200 people fitted quite comfortably and easy to see him high on the stage. Just about all the men had akubra type hats on.

We ended up buying a double, lined up for it to be signed and with a photo of the two of us.

He looked like this for all the photos lol

View on our walk back to the ute.

We stayed at a Air B &B, in Nerang,  which was modest but cheap and the hostess was very nice, and owned 2 spoilt dogs.

Charlie and Buddy

We also  visited Carrara markets, for breakfast Sunday morning, and looked around at what shops were left, due to the Commonwealth  Games using the area next year.

Johns favorite hat shop

The drive  home was in mostly torrential rain as it never stopped all weekend. We played the new CD which actually was 4 separate ones, all the way back. Stopped at Evans Head an old Christmas holiday haunt  that our families went to when we were still at school, and didn't recognise anything, but had a lovely cup of coffee and cake at the bakers shop.

The first thing I did was light the fire to dry out the house. We had empty buckets in the garden all full of water. This is twice now we have gone away in the rain. Hope you enjoyed our little trip

Till next time. 


  1. How exciting Chris. What an amazing pressie. We all love his music here and even the kids have it up loud.

    1. Glad your read this piece it would have bought his music to life.

  2. Amazing! That looks like such a great time, even despite the rain. :)

    1. Yes, you could call it an interesting adventure.

  3. A lovely gift to receive, the oics look so good. Glad you enjoyed this time snd arrived home safely.


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