Sunday, December 2, 2018


Christmas Party

Today is so hot and I had planned to do several early morning gardening hours, but in the end just did the watering, picked the rhubarb from the front, still the back to go, tomatoes and zucchini, and cleaned up the kitchen after the mess of the Christmas party overload, which took 2 hours would you believe.


Mixed Bag of Tomatoes

The Party was down at the creek which I had organized, before I quit the co-ordinator/Sec. position and it was themed on a Mexican Taco Party. Easy to do and cheap, charged $10 head.

5pm and a nice breeze, was perfect
Looking towards the entrance

 Forgot to take the main dinner photo but we had  Spicy Chicken strips which was cooked there and Taco mince which I prepared at home and heated up there. The salads were, lettuce, grated carrot, tomatoes,grated cheese, cucumbers and sauce from the packets. We ended buying 5 of the box kits as cheaper in the long run, and catered for 16.

Cooking the chicken and heating the mince.

For dessert I made a lemon and blueberry cheesecake, little strawberry chocolate tartlets, and we bought a Panettone from Aldis as I though some might not ever buy one, it certainly was a hit as were all. A spray can of  cream came in handy as well, should anyone like to to try this party.

Waiting on Sweets
Waiting on Cheesecake.

John made up a punch bowl of  Sangria which disappeared fast even though everyone bought their own drinks.

Having a good time.

Everything went off very well. Final meeting today then John will have a break from meetings over Christmas January. 

Till Next Time.

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