Sunday, December 16, 2018


At the Beach

While the parents went off to do some major shopping for Christmas, as hosting the  family Christmas Party, we minded the 3 youngest, 5 year old twins and Miss P who is 10. After making some chocolate balls then watching a movie we took them to the beach at 4pm when the UV is safe enough.

Always has a camera in hand

 Really windy day but  others found time to fly this huge kite.

  The kids were really excited to go and we took some buckets and spades and they ran all over the place and of course got wet. Eventually got them to settle down and make sand castles.

Miss V and Miss P

 The water wasn't too cold, but the kids didn't care.

I ended up having to redress the twins both got saturated. Used the old fashioned way of wrapping a towel around them and helped changed them under the towel. That bought on giggles. 
On the way home got some really nice hot chips and cooked up some crumbed fish, which I haven't had for ages but was delicious. Must be the sea air. 
Of course the usual thing when you go somewhere like the beach is, "we must go more often" lol.

We had a burst of hot sun this week and I had to pick tomatoes they are starting to out grow us eating now, and going to find time somehow and bottle them. Just as many are in the fridge. Also cucumbers and zucchini with only 2 plants of each are full on as well.

Our youngest daughter and her husband will be arriving home on Tuesday from America, and I am really looking forward to it. Followed by our other daughter and youngest son nearer Christmas.

 The 2nd son is camping on the eldest's acre. All together there will be 16 of us this year to celebrate.

We are celebrating today our 46th wedding anniversary today, and going out to dinner locally .

Brother in law, Sister, Us, Cousins, and my brother.

 Till next time.

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  1. Exciting day for you. We had rain and more rain, the grand kids watched TV and coloured in most of the day.


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