Sunday, February 11, 2018


Sydney Weekend

To celebrate our 45th anniversary I bought tickets to Shen Yun. It is a form of dance and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, a classical Chinese culture  that according to the program, has almost been destroyed under communist rule. In 2006 the company was formed , and even today are not allowed to perform in China. There are now 5 troupes touring the world. The Fei Tian College is  in New York, where classical Chinese dance is taught, plus Xian Yun Academy of the Arts in San Francisco.

Held at the Lyric Theatre in Sydney, and  part of the Star Casino complex.

Stairs up to Casino

We had lunch first in the food court, which is unlike any food court I have seen. Quiet luxurious. We sat at a booth and enjoyed some Japanese food.

Interesting trees caught my eye and part of Lunar 2018 Wish upon a Tree.

View from the top floor of the city, and harbour, taken by John as you had to walk up a long curved flight of stairs (56) made of glass and open, I got up 12 of them but that was it, too scary.

The show started at 2pm and lasted 2 1/2 hrs. The following photos are from the Program as we weren't allowed photography of course.

Note their shoes. Only ones used and a great balance. They danced using a form of beige anklet sock, normally.

My favourite mens dance, the backgrounds were like a movie and interactive. A patented art form.

In China these dances have a spiritual meaning to it, and we watched different stories, and various forms of dance, gorgeous costumes, and the live orchestra combined of classical and chinese instruments, for me it was colourful, beautiful and fantastic dancing. Part ballet, and synchronized movements.

Shen Yun Trailer 1

Shen Yun Trailer 2

This was the last performanc in Sydney, and are off to Adelaide, then Auckland.

On our way back to our daughters we decided to have a pub dinner, who wants to cook after being out all day.

It has been a fantastic trip.

Till next time.


  1. Happy anniversary Chris!
    Thank you for linking Shen Yun trailers. It's so beautiful.

    1. Yes it was, their gorgeous outfits flowed so well must have been silk.

  2. This look great! I've heard some people got annoyed with the active political agenda behind the story, but I think it really depends on the crowd. It looks gorgeous! Glad you had fun. :) Loving that skirt you're wearing too.

    1. It was there but not annoying, I could imagine this dancing being performed in front of emperors

  3. The pics look so interesting. Thanks for shsring.


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