Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mothers Day 2021

 Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there. I always thought our 5 children would be close to home but unfortunately 4 of them are scattered far and wide, and visits few, but at least we have one local, our eldest and their 5 children, which I am thankful for. 

Today he decided he was my present, a rare event and gave me his time for some work. I chose the garden as it is getting out of control yet again. The twins also came and my lovely DIL.

Beyond me to clean up, needs a Whipper Snipper.

 This bridge has been sitting there for months as it was supposed to go to the Community Gardens. Just a few main beams now as floor has rotted, and will be pulled apart for easy carrying.

Wasn't Light to move either.

Yesterday I cut the hedge having got enthusiastic for the visit, it was well overdue.

Bridge gone, grass cut looking so much better. The next area was my not so new rose garden. 

What can I say there is a path under this.

Garden Area itself. Tree is a Mulberry and out it came.
Looking across the weed filled pond with Mulberry Tree.

 Once the Mulberry was cut, DIL cut all the branches up for twigs for next years fire, as they need to dry out,with the twins helping her fill up the containers for them. I normally do this every year, by cutting the tall branches, up a ladder as well. Sometimes making little twig fences with them, then breaking them up once summer was over. Getting to old now.

After the cleanup with a mulch  of pool weed.

What a difference, and the rubbish was all carted up by the twins to the rubbish bins. Lucky we had next doors as well, as by the end of the day filled that too. 

Good bye Mulberry which is sad but I can't keep the effect up, of cutting in half every year.

 So then we had lunch in the Gazebo just a simple Cold Roast Chicken with Salad and Banana Muffins,with cups of tea, as well as a much needed rest by the troops. The day was perfect with a threat of rain coming so not too hot in the sun, bit steamy but they all seemed to manage.

 First Mother's Day lunch I have given, in so, so long, a big treat for me to have the family around for a meal. 

Thinning out the Japanese Fishing Pole Plant. Note the children's feet, they got very wet "helping"

 So the two adults, hopped in to the pond to pull up the green plant that just loves it in the sub tropical and hard too keep under control as it takes root in the bottom sludge, a big mistake from 2004 when we changed everything. So thankful for their effort of pulling it up as best they could. Plants are very heavy as filled with water. 

It is raining now and 5pm but I dashed out to take the last photo.

 How different the pond  looks now. These two deserve a medal, with such a lot of heavy work. On the 12th they celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary

This is not to say it is finished. I will now weed the rose garden, and tidy up here and there, something I can actually cope with. 

My job I decided was to get the Gazebo back into order, between fetching water and lunch and morning teas, plus giving the twins little jobs here and there. They were earning pocket money you see.

I moved out quite a bit of stuff and swept the floor of blown in leaves then washed down all the posts, which had a fair bit of mould on them. Yesterday I also pulled out a lot of fish fern on two sides, which was growing every where under the hedge, and in the retaining wall, so that cleaned up that area, as well.  Made room for the 6 of us to have a wonderful lunch then stacked everything left, to paint the posts.

Liking the all white and will paint the beans above as well.

It is a start but still lots to do in there, hopefully we will get a ceiling fan put in, and hovering on surrounding it with flywire mesh, against mosquitoes, if it comes in a roller blind, so I can get to the hedge. We can then use it at night in the summer. I will also fix the clock and put in some batteries.

In the middle of all of  this I received some flowers from our daughter in America.

Such unusual chrysanthemums

All in all a great Mother's Day.

Till Next Time.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Darlington Park Quilting Retreat

 I am a bit late this week as just come back from a 3 day retreat. Feeling very tired from all the mental exercise as well. It was a good time, had by all. My sister picked me up and we shared a bedroom, in a villa that sleeps 8 but there were only 4 of us in ours. Unfortunately there was no internet and phone access was very bad as well.

It is a lovely area and I have been here before years ago. Lush greenery with many palms, as you will see in the  photos. Lots of villas, some permanent residents and a camping area that joins on to a beach plus a lagoon in the centre of it all.

Large swimming pool

Water Park Area which was the most used by kids.

One of the entrances

Kids swimming area, and spa.

The birds every morning were a delight to listen to, so many of them, with a lot of rosellas. We had some light rain but mostly at night. Some of the ladies had a spa every night also and happy hour. Each lady took something to eat, mine was a pavlova and Jan's was a beef crock pot which I ended up doing and she made a ton of chocolate balls, as she had been on holiday with her girls at Bribie Island.

Indoor seating Area from Conference room which was also attached to a very popular cafe. 
  Lots of cakes and slices, plus a chicken crock pot, rice, sausage sizzle one lunch, soups on the last night with leftovers. By last night we were full anyway so soup was a great idea. Chicken and Corn, and a Minestrone. 

Pavlova I whipped up.

Soup de Jour

The conference room was hired and we sat with tables in a square. If you wanted to do a new quilt it was called Waterwell and 4 did that including my sister. A sheet of notes went out before hand, so materials could be bought or found.

The beginning of the pattern Waterwell.

I decided to make a handy carry bag as I needed one to go to quilting every Tuesday. 


 We all had to bring a needle case wrapped in brown paper, which some didn't or forgot but this was the group that did arrive. Mine was the middle bottom and I got the hexagonal one next to it.

Needle Case Swap

Nearly finished carry bag, 3 exterior pockets either side.

Inside has 3 pockets either side also and a clip for scissors. Also in it is my new needle case.

Side pocket on both sides need a gold press stud for flap closure.

All in all it was a great weekend, but I will be having an early night, that is for sure. 

To finish off,  John celebrated his 70th birthday  on the 28th and we went to a lovely local Japanese restaurant which had some amazing meals. We used our NSW $25 incentive vouchers so it only cost $38 dollars for 5 dishes and wine. Bargain !!1 The waiter also supplied some dessert for free to celebrate as well. Tempura bananas with green tea icecream.

Happy Birthday

Till Next Time. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Trip to Burleigh Heads

 We finally made it to Burleigh Heads to choose the colours of the new van. Had to leave at 6.15am for the 3 1/2 hrs. it took which was a bit of a shock to get up at 5, but managed to pack morning tea and lunch in time. What a beautiful day it was also, coolish in the morning but the day was lovely. We had morning tea at New Italy sitting on a log in the sun and arrived in time to the Caravan place for our 10am appointment.

Entrance area

The office was at the end of an entrance of caravans, and a fairly large back area.

Workshop are as they do repairs as well.

Walking back down a hill to the office.

The service was great tea first when we arrived and cappucino when we finished.

We checked out the van that was at the show as I liked the colours in that. We also had a 2nd look at the outside swirls and lines as we had to choose that as well. In the end chose aqua plain stripe with the Hinterland icon which had a sun and what represented leaves and again chose aqua, with silver/grey above the black metal around the bottom, and silver wheels.

This is a red version, but painted wheels was not our thing.

 The interior is white gloss cupboards around the top, and what I thought was grey is actually a bronze colour on the leather seats and cupboard doors, and a motley bronze/grey bench, and brown grain floor. 

Extras John added were a camera for backing and seeing cars behind as we drive, a heavy duty wire to hook up the big fridge separately to an anderson plug as we drive along, and a electronic stability control system so the van doesn't accidently sway and fishtail from the car in case of some accident, this makes the insurance cheaper as well. My thing to add was two 12 volt fans in the bedroom area one on either side as it is 2 single beds.

As it was nearly lunch time we headed down to the beach area. What a wonderful area Burleigh Heads has. Fabulous board walk and the beach was very clean. Loved the seat made to look like surfboards. 

Park seemed very busy for a Friday morning.

Gold Coast high rise in the distance.
Life saving area we overlooked.

On the way home we called in at Woodburn and had a coffee at the oldest cafe. There was a huge cup and saucer and next door John took a couple of photos at a gift shop while I waited. Luckily didn't go in looked really good, but we are saving hard at the moment. 

I would have bought a little dog if I had seen them.

So true.

As we were sitting there a huge flock of  Blue Eyed Cockatoos flew and landed in all the trees on the opposite side of the road and went to sleep. Amazing to watch. 


 It was a great day overall and lovely to get away from the house. Now we wait till maybe late August, as there is a bit of a backlog after the caravan show. Suits us as we can save more.

Till Next Time. 

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Finishing Embroidery UFO's

 It has been a strange week for me, as I have been experiencing anxiety attacks which upset my heart rhythms that aren't the best at normal times. Quite scary when they happen but have booked the Dr. but now have to wait 10 more days to get in.

 So not a lot has been done and yesterday Miss P came over and we spent a rainy day sorting some more of my downstairs craft area. So much has been thrown out, but we are getting there. She even painted the toilet wall as John has to replace the top tank part, not bad for a 12 year old. DIY of course is in the family for generations. 

This year I have been finishing off some Embroidery, quite a different collection to my normal hardanger pieces.

Shadow Work

This little bag has some shadow work on it, a kit from our group leader, who taught me Brazilian embroidery years ago. We are a small group of 4, but get a lot done each week. 

The above piece I started early 2000's, I made one for a girlfriend I worked with, then started the 2nd. just had to put it together. 

I like making these books, they look much better in real life, photo does not do them justice. Style known as crazy patchwork, and I used lined books this time, instead of blank pages. 

Wool Embroidery

Finished this lap blanket that I once taught as a class but only had the corner done. Yesterday bought some lemon fabric to line the back and bind off the front. 

Final piece is a another hardanger. A long cloth for my sideboard.

I have a quilting retreat coming up in May and trying to make a needle case  at the moment for it, as we all take one for a swap. Started a new embroidery as well for our group meetings, which is slowly coming along.  Hope everyone had a good week. 

Happy Birthday Kirsty for the 15th. 

Till next Time.