Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sydney Trip to Mary Poppins

 The live show Mary Poppins and a stay at The Star in Sydney was my birthday present for this year by the children. What a luxury event it was .

This was the entrance to our "suite" with powder room

The main area was lovely with views over Sydney Harbour. The complex is part of the Casino and a Food Court plus the Lyric theatre where Mary Poppins was held.

We  were on the 10th floor, and as it was the end of the building walked quite a way to get to it.

Ensuite off the bedroom

Breakfast was included, and it was amazing also. The restaurant was divided into self serving stations. A full buffet style that included everything from chinese char sui and peking duck, pasta and antipasto meats and pickles, or we could choose salmon, steak, then of course eggs in any form, all sorts of breads, fruit and yogurts. There was even a chocolate fountain with mashmallows and fruit pieces.

Part of the eating area

Salmon and cold meats

Eggs Benedict







Chipolata sausages 
Muffin selection.


Saw a few kids at this station.

So much food but it was 5 star dining, and of course we ate too much.

First night there, we had a fancy birthday dinner at the Flying Fish, so nice to dress up for a change. I tucked in to a delicious Barrumundi on a bed of buttered cabbage. Plus we had a side salad,  a pumpkin dish, plus chips. You have probably gathered we did nothing but eat.

Flying Fish Restaurant

Last Night there, (Thursday) we saw Mary Poppins, which was fabulous.

Curtain with moving smoke.

  The way the stage set kept moving props and walls creating the house, the bank, rofftops, or the street was very clever.. We were 7 rows back and had a fabulous view. The live orchestra was also very good. 

We weren't allowed to take pictures so I pulled some off the internet so you can see some highlights, but this first one is from the book we got,  of the whole family at home.

Nancy Hayes singing Feed the Birds.

Inside the Park picture.

Bert played by Jack Chambers, great Tap dancer and expressive Actor. Liked him a lot.

  Mary Poppins played by Stefanie Jones. also good.
They had 5 sets of children playing the kids, limiting  the amount of time they act, being so young around 9 - 12. All had acting experience and belong to some sort of performing arts school in Australia. Must be hard for the grown up actors having different children each night as they had a big act to play, in the show.

I can highly recommend Mary Poppins, but then any stage show is always good. 

We did visit our 2nd son,and stayed Friday night and had an Indian Dinner night with them and some good friends we have known since their school days plus the youngest son visited as well, so a great night.

Really enjoyed our 5 days away, been a lovely break in routine.


Till Next Time. 





Sunday, July 31, 2022

Major Garden Cleanup.

Well today I can hardly move my muscles, as they have really given up after another hard week of cleaning up under the citrus trees, to begin with earlier in the week,

A mess of ferns and nasturiums

Before all overgrown and Ivy on the fence

It is not very hard, just takes a lot of time, but finally cleaned it all up and roughly dug over. I am going to plants lots of flowers, then mulch with bark or similar. Such a difference makes it all worthwhile.


Last bit left, has couch grass.

As for the other side on Saturday,Miss P helped me do some of it, then the eldest son who had arrived  earlier and decided to pull the lemon tree stump once it was cut back again, and taken out completely.

Notice the "overgrown stump" on the right

Looking towards the house
This tree was very well established in the ground and needed a block and tackle to get it out plus a lot of heavy yakka. I was quite worried for my son as he is just getting over the flu, and breathing quite heavily. There is no way John could have done this. 

Same view looking towards the house. Bulbs are snowdrops

The tree left is on a slant so hopefully John can rig up something to straighten it up. Plenty of fruit on it and I keep it well pruned to reaching height. Mind you I still have frozen juice from last year. Bits of the stump roots are still there so will paint with poison just to make sure they don't regrow. I don't want anyone to go through that again.

Out the front under the Frangipani Miss P and I started this area first on Saturday, and then that was when our son first arrived and helped.

Front area joining next door.

 This weed plus the horrible Elderberry that runs and has been pulled out quite a few times, has taken over again so all this was dug up including a very large Tumeric plant, beyond the Frangipani and just shy of where the dogs are buried. They stayed safe thank goodness. 

The only way to beat this Elderberry, is to paint poison on the leaves as they come up, so when Miss P arrives that is the first thing to check

Next week if time, I will dig everything over and pick out all the Tumeric left as well.

Between the Frangipani and the Protea was a giant Tumeric plant

Street to the Frangipani, where luckily 2 roses survived. Plus some bromeliads were pulled out as overgrown.

To fill this area, I have decided to invest in some shrubs like azalea, move a poinsettia from the back, maybe another daisy, geraniums, anything that just needs pruning, but will look nice all year. Really fill it with stuff so the weeds wont' have room to grow. The extra person though was such a great help, to Miss P and I, made all the difference.

Unfortunately the very old grass tree on the bank, hasn't survived so that was pulled out as well.

I also took off the Snail plant from the Archway, which will get another coat of paint to smarten it up.

All in all it has been a very busy week, and I will take several days to get over it.The worst of it is over now thank goodness, just tidying and planting for Spring to do.  Filled two green waste wheely bins though, and enough stuff to do a third for next week. I hope your winter cleanup is going just as well. 

Off to Bunnings now to see what I can find, with two $50 Gift Cards. Woo Hoo.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Big Front Garden Upgrades & Planting Roses.

Part one is the work  I have been doing on the front garden, and originally many, many years ago we added "the farm fence". This came from John's family farm in Casino as I like this rustic look.

Then we added vegetable beds, which were made from old roofing and lasted quite a few years till we upgraded the whole front again and turned it into the picture below, with garden beds cut into the lawn as well.

Eventually these gardens were all raised and neatened up to look like this.

Taken in 2019
The fences, now as I get older though, have been difficult for me to negotiate getting behind them, being not as fit anymore. One long one, was broken in half, so in the end I asked John to remove them except for the board in which the Elkhorn fern was attached to, so that was made shorter.

This is all that is left now of the fence.

The corner itself  I am still working on, and thinking of adding tall flowers like cosmos, although I have added a marguerite daisy bush.

Still working on this corner, I  did cut all the roses back,  the peace climbing rose is struggling and may come out.

 So I have ended up with way more space with no fence and planted another 5 roses, lol what else. 2 different yellow, a Peace non climbing, 2 shaded ones red to light but both different.

The very end of this section I cut back and dug out old stuff. The roses that looked like they were dying have now come good with a severe prune one red and the other Blue Moon. I am now planning to plant heaps of annuals on this entire side, which are growing in pots and will soon be ready to plant out, depends on the overnight cold. Maybe in a week of two.

I have a lavender to plant in front of the roses RHS once I dig the ground up.

Overall  view to date.

 Joining the end of the final roses is my new Blueberry and strawberry farm. This had all the herbs in it, which have now been moved to pots. I transplanted a blueberry from the back and bought 3 new ones that actually grow in this area. The old one has blueberries on it. All in pots with special acid mixture they like. Can net this area against birds and lizards who also love blueberries.

This will be mulched which the strawberries get bigger hiding the pots.

 Finally the last bed next to the blueberries.

This is the final corner, and plants are growing well.

This is not the only area I have been working on, although it has been very cold in the mornings, I usually start later in the day, its a case of do a little, but do it often. We have been busy though, as I want to finish hopefully by mid August.

 Red Nasturium.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

2022 Birthday Week.

 Well another Birthday  has gone by, and for me another New Year for this blog, which will make the next 12 months my 8th year. Not bad actually a lot of blogs fail before this. I have been wondering if I should keep going or not and in the end decided I might as well. So thank you for hanging in with me. 

The past week I have been spending it with our eldest daughter Kirsty, who lives in Sydney, we were at a local resort just up the road.

View of main area, with an outdoor screened area.
Looking the other way, to the kitchen

 It was cold and rainy, and we didn't go anywhere except once to pick up Toilet Rolls and Tissues as Sydney is running out of them.  We watched heaps of movies and documentaries, and I knitted some UFO's, slept in late, breakfast in bed,  and we had a ball.

View of the Putt Putt Golf Course from room
Outside the Entrance
Looking towards the car park.

The gardens here are very well laid out and with a Tropical theme which I suppose is easy to maintain. There were a few families but it was quiet all week. 

Of course we celebrated my birthday last Thursday, with Osso Bucco, followed by home grown Rhubarb and Apple crumble, with  John, my sister, and eldest son and wife. Unfortunately our son had caught the flu from a trip to Perth the week before, and was worried he might give it to us, although I don't think he was contagious anymore, so we sat him in the corner, which he was happy about otherwise he would have gone back home, with a takeaway which we had started to prepare. Problem solved and so good to see him. 


Between my sister and best friend who sent a parcel from Melbourne, there were so many little presents to open, but the 5 children and partners, all pitched in and gave me 2 tickets to see Mary Poppins live show in Sydney, sitting in one of the best positions and staying at a top notch hotel with a gourmet dinner as well. So early August we will be off for a luxurious couple of days.

Friday I went home and the sun came out, typical when your spend a rainy holiday, so I took a few more photos of the resort.

Enclosed area with seating from the little cafe and used for events like Trivia, & opposite the Pool
Giant Chess Board always popular
One of the loveliest Pool and spa area for resorts.

One of two large BBQ areas
Love what they did to this plant, Is very impressive.

Back home to all the mess and work is a bit of a let down, and I miss Kirsty already. Sadly, I don't spend much time with my girls both living so far away.

The sun is still out today although quite cold, so I will see what needs to be done in the garden, and glasshouse as have quite a few seeds coming on now, and then back into routine for the week.

From John , such  a lovely colour


Till Next Time.