Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pond Cleaning, Seed Collecting, & Embroidery

It is a strange muggy, overcast day today and rain expected but after yesterdays hour pulling weed out of the pond I am really tired. I was hoping to get some seedlings in, and may try this afternoon. The pond is very low on water and getting rather crowded with a weed that will quickly fill it, and cover the water lilies, so out it had to come. It was very awkward and the darn stuff is really heavy, once the roots take hold of the bottom mud. John helped thank goodness, but there is still more to go if we can get to it. 

Piles of it are around the pathways to dry out so we can bin it, some of it will go as mulch on the garden. 

Notice how the liner is now showing. I wish I could fill it in now as it is a lot of work no one wants to do, but also difficult with no access except the side path. 

Mini Maple has Overnight  produced its leaves

Dreamcatcher Rose out in bloom with its delicate rose buds. Moved it last week.

This morning I did manage to collect all the seeds hovering in the garden. If it rains I might lose them. They are Rocket,(Arugala) and Tatsoi, a small leaf spinach type, both a leafy salad vegetable. 

I pulled them from the above back round garden, from which also the sweet peas were pulled a couple of weeks ago. I may plant some flowers in this one, as there are cosmos and zinnias ready. Dedicating a whole bed to flowers is unusual for me but I am only planting what I need this year, all the basic salad vegetable, and beans. Not going to experiment with, or preserve anything, at all. Will try and get some carrot seeds in before it rains somewhere as well. 

Sweet peas left in the garden.

Red Cos lettuce from the front.

Tatsoi seeds

Rocket seeds.

I will package all these up in small plastic ziplocks I have especially for seeds. It is nice to know that another year of fresh seeds is sorted. Love how nature works. 

I am going to experiment with a zucchini by growing it up a pole. Most zucchini grow along the ground leaving behind a thick stem as they move forward, and taking a lot of space.  I read recently that if you catch it early and tie the stem up a pole it saves a lot of space. Apparently the leaves above the new fruit you keep but the ones before the fruit and therefore old you can pull off, which will save a lot of powdery mildew happening.  

Pretty sure the pole is big enough

From little things big things grow.

I finally finished my drawn thread embroidery cloth, which puts me in to a bit of a quandary as I do not want to do another cloth. They take so long, although in saying that the repetition of the stitches is soothing. I want to do small embroidery projects but having trouble deciding on what. There is a small blackwork project I started if I can work it out, or maybe some book covers.

Stay safe everyone, that's all for this week, 


Till Next Time 


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Cleaning up Backyard Sweet Peas Gone

 With the help of Miss P again this weekend we got stuck into the backyard garden. I have been working on it all week. No more sweet peas, kept what had gone to seed, but the rest was thrown into the bin, there is just so much of the seed you need and I kept plenty. 

John took advantage of this and put up some new arches as the others had really rusted through the pipes. I think they had been up 3 years so not bad for a $20 arch, but this time we lashed out as the new ones are higher and pipes much thicker. 

Still a bit to do but it is so much cleaner.

I have already planted some  purple climbing beans on one of them and will do another lot when they come up, then I am not overwhelmed with beans all at once.

Much higher than the old ones so hopefully can still pick beans.

I moved some of the rose pots around, emptied the sweet potato one, and moved one of the dahlias that has started to come up again, to a new fancy pot and shifted it to the fenceline. I always have trouble here with the soil so decided to just cover it up. 

Pot turned upside down

Sweet Potato Haul

Leftovers which I threw out, don't need any more growing here.

Think this is a burgundy dahlia and will grow high up the fence.

The lemon tree which we pruned really hard has new growth and just slightly higher then me, so now I will prune the ends to keep it that height. I have so much lemon juice frozen now. I don't need a big tree.

New growth is very pretty and a couple of flowers have just started.

What amazed me today is the red rose on the stand it is absolutely beautiful. Photos do not give it a proper look, but it is amazing. I had been thinking it was passed it's prime and getting ready for it to die, so pruned it back hard. Voila!

The pumpkins are getting bigger, but the rhubarb is really big so will pick some for my sewing friends tomorrow.

Jap at back, butternut in front

Rhubarb ready for picking

New Rhubarb in opposite corner. Must be a good spot.

We put a third arch in the front as Pierre de Ronsard is growing fast and now that we took the sweetpeas off the old wooden one it has something sturdier to climb.

Corner Rose Garden.

Self sown Tomato has turned out to be a grape cherry.

Last of the cabbages to pick and will make a double lot of chow mein this week.

Currently pulling carrots from the front bed

Front yard purple climbing beans already producing rapidly.

Throwing these in with the Madagascar bean burgers I am making for dinner tonight.

So as you can see, it is a great time in the garden I am trying to manage an hour a day, as it gets hot by 9.30 plus watching the UV which is about 5 then. I was speaking to someone in Seattle in the US and they don't follow the UV at all, she had a hard time finding what it was. Then again they get snow from about November to March, such a different lifestyle to mine. 

Carnations have started to bloom.

 While Miss P was here, yesterday, also taught her to make All Bran cake. I had forgotten about this one even though I used to make it all the time. It is delicious and didn't last long, some went home as it had no eggs so Miss G could eat it. I will definitely have to make another one though. 

I don't usually add recipes but for those interested here it is. 

All Bran Cake No eggs, No butter

1 1/2 cups of All Bran soaked in 1 cup milk, till soft.

 Add 1 cup SR flour

 1 cup sultanas or any dried fruit and nuts.

1/2 cup sugar

Mix all together, and you can add a little milk if it needs it, depends on how the all brand soaks up the milk. 

Put in a greased and lined loaf tin, 180C degrees, for about 40 mins.

When cool slice and put butter on it. Will freeze if it keeps that long. A double mix does a basic square tin.

Stay safe everyone. Till Next Time.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Down by the River Side

 The Sydney family have all gone home now so its back to normal life sort of at the moment. I say sort of as I am about to start a business course over the next month, for selling my dolls and cards. I have a new idea in the works so been working on that also. 

Last Wednesday was our day at the river. It was blowing a gale so not the nicest of days. Miss P the apprentice had lessons on BBQ-ing from her dad to add to her skills, although all the other girls and boys were learning as well. 

I might add there was enough food cooked up for the family of 7 to have another meal when they got home, probably the next day lol they would have been full.

Most of the morning all 12 of them spent kayaking. I was told today that the Sydney family were exhausted. I am not surprised everyday was, swimming in the pool sometimes twice, they also did during the week putt putt golf, archery, playing with the cousins, the kayaking, eating out, walking the headland whale watching. Like most holidays never stopped.

Meanwhile back in our home base, I have planted a new lot of tomatoes and lettuce, noticed that the strawberries are producing so put hay all around them and will find something to protect them also, from the birds and lizards who love them. Capsicum seedlings have started, as well as Cosmos, Marigold and Zinnia, Beetroot, Silverbeet.

If the days get a bit cooler will transplant all the baby perpetual leeks and freeze the big ones. I have been preparing a bed down the back for this one. Suddenly we are having a heat wave and it is enough to try and keep the seedlings going for the Community Garden Sunday Market. In the past two months they have sold nearly $600 worth of goods, with a few regulars starting to come back. Such a good sign. I might end up making some jams and relishes as well, so I use up some of my little jars.

I decided to propagate all my geraniums and also a couple from the gardens. This one is a pelagonium and love the flower they have lasted a week now in the vase. I pinched it from the Community garden, after I went and rescued the citrus grove and nectarine tree there.  Hope it takes.

Well that's all for this week will leave you with a photo of the Cleome or Spider flower and the Iceberg roses of which the front and back ones are magnificent.


Iceberg Climbing Rose

Till Next Time 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sydney Family Visit.

 Well it is school holiday time and the Sydney Family and my 3 gorgeous grandchildren have come for a visit, and staying at a time share and enjoying the facilities it offers. Miss J who received the quillo a few weeks ago has grown so much. She started high school this year and seems to have doubled in height. Officially past me now, but only just lol. Confirmation that I am shrinking. 

Miss P  my little apprentice and Miss V from the local family arrived on Saturday for the helping grandma session and this time I chose to start organizing the craft rooms.

This is where I work for my sewing.

 I am getting bogged down with everything and need a major tidy up. 

So we took everything off the shelves and Miss V who is 7, sprayed everything and wiped it all clean. 

Area behind the sewing table. with Mum's lovely tapestry.

More bits and pieces

Separating it all out.

We got going really well for an hour or so, then the Sydney kids turned up so I offered to mind them while the parents went and shopped for food, and had lunch out. So all this was stopped and we did some cake baking, 3 in all which mean 3 groups. One banana cake, a batch of chocolate balls and a choc chip coconut slice, and toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch as it was all I had. Luckily!!!

Then they went off and ran up and down the hill till mum and dad arrived. I think this project will be a slow one.

 Today though I got picked up for Brunch at a local cafe, via the garden where John was packing up the market tables. 

                                                       The flowers are looking lovely.

I actually had a bunch to bring home as they didn't sell. So a nice change from my sweet peas.

The garden is really impressive, just as you would  think for Spring. 

Taken through the hanging baskets.

One of us got roped into help pack up.

Brunch was very nice, and I was surprised they found a table for all 7 of us. The street seemed to be full of diners along the sidewalk.



 We then went off to the Headland but it was super windy. Caught a couple of whales also in the water,  and again seemed like everyone was out for a Sunday stroll even if they got blown away on the hill.

Overlooking the Rock Pool where there was a group thing.

My family

There is a few things planned getting both families together, so fingers crossed the weather stays nice, at least for the wind to stop blowing.

Hope everyone is also having a good weekend 

Till Next Time.