Sunday, November 18, 2018

Rain Dashing While Picking Vegetables.

The last couple of weeks has been very steamy humid weather, and quite hot, which means coming inside by about 10 am both to beat the heat but also I have a good eye on the UV reading. No more chances for melanomas for me.

The rain last week was torrential and the thunder so loud, felt like the lightening had hit next door. Unfortunately while all this was happening our dear neighbour of 35 years, died of pancreatic cancer at only 69, with only two months notice. The funeral last Friday was very sad and I am still coming to grips with it all.

The rain so heavy can barely see through it.

Meanwhile between all the rain, I have been gathering lots of vegetables. Especially zucchini which the two plants I have, have gone wild with all the mushroom/cow manure compost they are growing in. At least the neighbour across the road who visits John every night at 5pm for drinks is getting a fair share of them.

Super Large Zucchinni Plants

The bed of tomatoes which I have covered with fruit fly net is also a jungle, I am beyond trying to tame them, and now the tomatoes are starting to ripen. A bit slower this year than last as our really hot weather will be much later this year I feel.

Jungle tomatoes
These are Scorpio good for sub tropical.

The other bed has 4 cherry tomatoes, which the fruit fly tend to avoid.

May still cover these just to contain them.

The rest of this bed is just starting to come along. Climbing purple beans, and 2 cucumber vines, also carrot rows.

Cucumber and Beans

Rhubarb ready to pick.

I dug up several garlic bulbs from the front also, the back still has about a dozen more not quite ready yet.

Purple Soft Neck Garlic

The potatoes have all died back but as yet really haven't started on them. Tried a couple of small pots and there were heaps of potatoes. Did this one today.

One potato to this 12 inch pot.

425 grms of potatoes from one small seed one. Not bad and very delicious with butter and parsley.

Larger pots ready and waiting
5 of these big ones also ready and waiting.

In the mean time I suddenly noticed the Grumichama fruit was ready while talking to our handyman gardener Lawrence. Picked what I could reach as this tree is getting a bit big. Will need to prune it.

The only trouble with them is the tiny seed inside so I will boil them up to soften then put through a strainer to pick out the seeds, will make fruit chutney with them as we use that a lot cooked over meatballs. Grumichama are really nice to eat often referred to as  the tropical cherry.

The roses have been blooming all over the place, but I am very pleased with the new Dahlias which have just started flowering.

So that was my week. Till next time.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Lesson Learned

With all this new found time that I have and John helping no.2 son I  finally cleaned out a small wardrobe in the girls room, which meant dragging out curtain material, so rather than put it back decided to make the new curtains for the sitting room, which is the one I tend to hang out in most.

My favorite spot,by the fire for winter, under the fan for summer, and a view outside.

I am not sure which came first, I think it was the curtain material, purchased to go with the "beach" theme I was going for. The verandah is still needed in finishing off with grey floor dark grey poles and white balustrade so this curtain I bought eons ago is grey and aqua to match.

The rug I bought at Aldis, 6 months after hoping it would blend in.The old one although looks nice is a real pain to clean, holds every little bit of dog hair. After spending 3 days making new curtains, THEN I dragged out the rug, from under the spare bed. Surprise, Surprise they don't match!!!!!

Ooops need to fix that hem as well.

In fact I don't really like the material now that it is made up either.

Sooooooo what to do. Well after struggling with changing the original red striped ones into our tv room, which has 2 large windows in the corner of a western wall, and putting them up, and then putting the new curtains up, these things are heavy being lined, I then had to pull them all down and reverse the whole lot again.

 Who knew curtains to be such hard work.

John's working area, now with new curtains lol

If I paint the wall in this tv room it may all blend in, as it is a pale green at the moment, and should be aqua to match, might improve things, either that or buy new curtains.

Meanwhile the other room looks much better, even if these curtains need replacing one day, the band on the back that holds the rod has disintegrated with the UV. I also need to upholster the chair, the cushions are quite thin. I have a new covering of cream and black writing, which again I have had for at least a year or more.

Seems a waste of three days of sewing, but at least I cleaned and washed the floor area again, after dragging it all out, and the rug looks great.Back to square one as they say.

As you would gather I am much better this week although the Dr. changed my antibiotics for the 3rd time.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Not a Good Week

This week has not exactly been brilliant, I have had an infection that is hanging on, despite being on antibiotics. Dr. told me to take them for 3 days, luckily the pack had 7 tablets, so hopefully it will get rid of it. This has made me very tired also and find myself falling asleep during the day.

Last week though I managed to pick flowers and vegetables for the monthly cento market and we made $120.00. The biggest yet. Most sold along with some 2nd hand books, and it is a thrill to know my instinct of growing flowers to sell works. The sunflowers are just gorgeous. I have also organized for the lady in green to be the liaison officer with Centro and members,to have less work for me.

This Months Market Stand.

Between times I am trying to catch up with the weeding, after all the rain the garden seems to support nothing else, and it is a hard battle. The pond now is looking at its best with the water lilies appearing

The roses are also coming along with new ones everyday. My special rose I got from my best friend flowered also, for the first time, a lovely apricot one, but I was too sick to take a photo.

Standard rose hasn't been doing so well, but this year it is fabulous

This week also I made the decision to resign from being the Co-ordinator and Secretary of the garden. After the AGM, I encountered a verbal abusive event, which is the 2nd one, in 2 months by two different people and these two were overheard saying to ignore me and  carry on as usual. Nothing has been solved, no apologies, and basically minor things, but for me being yelled at and belittle what I have done for the garden, is not OK.

I really loved doing the work but every time I go back I am wondering if it is going to happen again, which is causing a lot of worrying and stress, something I do not need more of, coping with mum, my garden and the house will be enough for the time being. It has been 18 months and I have achieved a lot, in that time, and worn out by constantly thinking what, where and why for the community garden, even deciding to quit has been hard mentally.

 Time for someone else. Eventually I will go back to water or weed, but for now need the break till next year.

The meeting is today and I gave John my resignation last night, I am not going although it would be nice to know their reaction, there will be a few who will be upset also, which I couldn't handle, but no-one can convince me to reinstate, if I am not there. Poor John will have a tough time though.

So now there is an empty space for something new to come in, and hopefully next week will improve.

 Till next time.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Camping in the Rain - Illaroo

We had arranged to join our 2nd son in a 2 week holiday at Minnie Waters National Park, at the Illaroo Camp Ground. It is a lovely spot on the beach, a rough drive in but peaceful none the less. It had been raining slightly but little did we know that a low pressure system, off the coast was there to stay for 2 weeks or more.

View from our site day one.

It was overcast when we arrived but still pleasant enough. Lots of birds around.

 Black Cockatoo


Sandpiper and Plover

Unusual cloud on one of our walks to the rock shelf.

Campsites not too bad. Nice and Cosy

The Family

Right on the Beach
There was a set of stairs down to the beach so easy to get to for our walks.

Looking up from the beach at sunset
We could see the whales breaching above the water as the waves were a little rough. Pod after pod.
So it started off pleasant enough and we heard at home it had been pouring with rain. Then the winds started up and the waves got bigger and bigger.

And the wind never stopped for three days.

Then the rain came, most of the days off and on.

Raining outside kids inside.

The park had quite a few caravans but by Friday they were gone.



We actually had the whole park to ourselves except for the caretaker. Nothing stops our family though and we used the public BBQ area everyday from then on.

Lots of bonfires for cooking. A visit from the other son and family, so we had all 8 grandchildren together.

Marshamallow cooking even in the rain. Kids loved it.

I know I know, you have to be desperate.

Even the birds didn't care.
Blue Faced Honey Eater

At family request I don't put the kids photos on but what some fantastic times we had with them. I did my usual embroidery project and listened to a talking book at the same time. Played card games and hangman with them.
Lots of jelly fish came up on the beach
Blue Bottle Jellyfish

 Last couple of days the waves washing up turned brown, and foamy.

Facing the elements

We lasted a week as the others had to go home for school and due to the dull weather the solar wasn't charging as well, and it was still raining. I don't feel I have had much of a holiday and would like to go back. Finding the time is the hardest. Can highly recommend this park if you like camping.

Till next time.