Sunday, October 17, 2021

Start on Painting the Bathroom

 It has been a bit of a slow week due to the much needed rain that arrived this week, plus really blowy winds. One minute it was very hot, next I was putting on jumpers and socks. 

What it did do, was force me to slow down, couldn't garden, finished decluttering for the moment, and it has been finally accepted by an op shop. I felt like crocheting, so picked up some work I started a month earlier and did a few more rounds. Really love this, it is complicated and made me think while relaxing watching the rain and listening to talks, and music etc. Felt like I was on holiday and slept really well to boot.

Hooked on Sunshine Pattern - Ardith
Lucky yesterday the sun came out and Miss P also arrived to start the bathroom. The ceiling had never been done but was not in a good condition, and the walls only once, so my journey of getting rid of all the outdated 80's varnish tongue and groove starts once more. 

New Light in order also.


It might be a few days before I do the 2nd coat, busy this week with an eye test and the chiropractor and my embroidery group, but I have also done a lot of research, to find exactly what I want, and decided after much looking on Pinterest the Coastal Farmhouse is the look. Not surprising, as years ago I had a Country theme going. It suits the house with all the boards and open ceiling, and open planning.

 I am considering getting help from a designer to pull all my ideas together, but first paint, paint, paint. The ceilings in the main area I will leave, because other than pay an expensive painter, as it is a lot of work, and 14 foot high, so not like painting a simple plaster wall, they will suit fine and blend in with the "look". 

This gives a general look although not my house, painted boards on walls and non painted ceiling. Light and Airy

And a  paint colour chart to go by.

 More plantings in the garden today of pumpkins, capsicum, cucumber, and climbing beans with plenty of weeding after the rain. Picked another basket of tomatoes as well.

Hope everyone has had a good week,


Till Next Time 





Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Magnolia Tree Garden.

 It seems to me daylight saving (DST) and hot weather have come together, DST I am now used to without too much snoozing in the afternoons, but the hot weather I am struggling with. It is ok during the day I can find a cool spot in the house but at night the heat that our double brick house has absorbed then radiates into the rooms. The average this month here, according to Elders, has been 28C, today it is predicted to be 30C. 

It zaps my energy, which I found out yesterday when Miss P came to help. I chose a small garden to be weeded and replanted with some plants in pots. Slowly I am getting rid of them all somewhere.

 I can't remember where that blue bottle came from, but it can go back to the tip. The Magnolia tree was getting a bit high and needed a prune as well. The white flowers are small and smell lovely.

Port Wine Magnolia sometimes called the Banana Shrub.

The ground was as hard as a rock and dry as a bone, and it took two hours to complete, by which time it was getting hot. Two geraniums, a multi coloured daisy, a row of primulas and two sprinkles of Cosmos, followed by a load of chicken pellets, minerals, and the free compost, with lots of watering and it was done.

I had to get up the ladder as the tree was quite high, but looks much better now. It also had a good watering. 

If it wasn't for my lovely grandaughter I don't know if I would ever get around to doing so much so quickly, such a treasure and only 12. I told her about my cousin who took up weeding for older ladies lol like me, and couldn't keep up with all the work. If ever she needed a job later in life while at uni or similar, she is now certainly trained for weeding, basic pruning and propagating, repotting, growing vegetables and flowers. I was very pleased to hear also, as an elective at school, she wanted to do sewing, as she already knew agriculture haha. Miss P is also a good little house painter and I have decided next job between us, will be to finish off the bathroom, it has a low roof line and already had one coat.

As I write this NSW, is preparing for lockdown, in stages,  to be opened completely. I think it is a little bit early as 580 new cases yesterday alone, it is starting to hit regional areas now, but although the rules are no holidaying for Sydney-ites in these areas, a lot of cases have started for that reason including Victoria who are having over a 1000 a day. Let us hope those in power know what they are doing, personally I am staying at home as usual and not venturing very far. This area is still covid safe. 



Till Next Time.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Community Garden Spring 2021

 Daylight saving started for us today, which is always a bit of a challenge getting  used to it. I actually like it, and have automatically been waking up at 6.30am in the last couple of weeks, so should be ok. 

I decided this week to give everyone an update on the Community Garden. The AGM is this coming week and no doubt John will be President and Treasurer again, for his 5th year.

Looking up to the front from the bank garden.

The archway now has a built in garden for different varieties of passionfruit plants

The Hanging Gardens

It has been a long time since I have been down there. In a way I miss it, but there is plenty to do in my garden. The photos though show that it is very pretty with all the flowers out. The rose below I planted as a memory for my mum, before she died. It was growing in her garden, and I always liked it. Another yellow reminder I had forgotten about.

Banksia Rose with members beds behind

The members have turned quite a few beds over to flowers rather than vegetables. 

One of the original Grevillia I planted donated from Land Care. It has grown so much.

Bank Garden

Succulent Greenhouse

It is certainly a credit to all the members of how well kept it is, especially during these difficult times The tractor, ride on mower, water tanks, large compost heaps, worm farms and the pavillion with its solar power certainly has made things a lot easier, and a joy to me to see it all progressing so well from our early days. 

 Thanks to Marie for all the photos. 

August was the Garden Birthday. Vice President Robyn with John

We heard from the Lord Howe Island that they are cancelling our trip, which was in 3 weeks, due to Covid, so we have rebooked for next Nov 2022, hopefully things will havae improved by then. I may now consider getting at least one of my knees done, with plenty of time to heal. It is hard to know when it is a good time. 

The Purple Sweet Peas are finally flowering . Must be a late variety.


Till Next Time.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Preserving Potato & Leek Soup, & Beetroot

 I managed this week to finish off planting the leek seedlings. This meant digging up all the leeks from the old bed and some beautiful beetroot to make room in a new bed. The new bed had some lovely soil so not too hard planting but the weather was hot and draining, yet today it is cool again. 

Last year I froze all the big leeks that ended up in the kitchen, by chopping them all up, and then using handfuls of frozen leek pieces when cooking. This year I decided to preserve them in a soup, in my pint bottles with the pressure cooker. I also used my vacola bottles which work just as well as the Balls brand.

The beetroot I did in plain water so it can be used in anything from a dip to hot for a meal. The soup is in chicken stock with potato and carrots as well as leeks, and can be heated up as is or added to with other vegetables, or meat.

All set to fill bottles, carrots from the garden also.

Now to find a space of where to store them.

Miss P came yesterday and I am feeling really tired today, as usual, the price of getting old, and  we weeded the back rose garden, which was way overdue, lots of digging, but it looks very nice. I am going to put more free mulch on as well, and sweep the false grass. The aborists have been very busy in this area and the pile of mulch getting bigger. So lucky they have a spot to dump it at the beginning of a forest walk, in the corner of a small car park. It always disappears as well.

 Interestingly as this path has been an experiment, the part where the weed mat was hasn't any nut grass under it except on the edges but the part without has long nut grass under it. So another project to finish properly.

 The hippeastrums are all flowering as well, I wish they weren't so expensive at anywhere between $15 - $50 just for one bulb or I would get more.

Miss P was complaining how her year 7 cooking class was not very exciting or challenging, they made hamburgers from scratch, so I decided to teach her how to make an upside down cake, this time apricot , as I had a tin of them. 

Turned out lovely and I love apricots so been very nice with a cup of tea, and heated for dessert with ice cream.


 Till Next Time, stay safe.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Lemon Powder, Planting Leeks, & Root Vegetables.

This week  I have been attending a virtual Organizing HQ Seminar. Put together with over 70 women doing hour long talks over 5 days. It was free although you can purchase the lot to have them forever, and only up for 24 hrs. each days worth.

It is the 2nd. year I have attended this and enjoyed listening to all the various talks all week. Everything for decluttering, working cleaning schedules, routines, menus, frugal buying and repurposing, finance, health, mindset, minimalism, organizing projects, and decorating. It is amazing what stay at home mums build their new careers on via the internet.

Listening while doing my own cleaning and decluttering has made the hours go quickly, so I feel this week has flown by.

Ready for the op shop and growing bigger every day.

The lemons on the tree were starting to fall off as well, so I picked them all, made lemon butter, but found some interesting preserving information on powders with dehydrated fruit and vegetables. As I had the lemons, worked on lemon powder.

Peeling the skins with a peeler makes them thin, so spread them out on my trays, and dehydrated to crispy. All those lemons and it breaks down to a miniscule amount. These then went into my small blender and Voila lemon powder. Lemon you can use in a cake batter, icing, cheesecake, on chicken, etc to give a lemon flavour, it is strong. Tomato powder,  as in using puree.

Found a jar of dried tomatoes so experimented with them.

I try and spend an hour or more a day in the garden, at the moment, but by 10am it is too hot for me, so making an effort to get up in time to have breaky, wake up and get out there. This week I planted carrot seeds and beetroot. The trick is to keep the beds wet so I give them a light water morning and afternoon. I found the pigeons in the beetroot bed hunting seeds so had to cover them. This is new for me and wondering if nature is being effected at all. We have had no rain for months, or are they being lazy haha.

Beetroot with climbing Northeaster bean seeds on the end.

Left the sweet pea for shade, tiny carrot seeds  need a bit more care from drying out.  Northeaster beans on this end too.

This mornings effort I started on transplanting the baby perpetual leeks. There were lots of smaller plants ready but the first big one, it's babies hadn't detached, so may cut the root off and plant that, babies and all.

Digging this lot up

Notice LHS babies compared to bigger leek ones, haven't separated

Babies that need to be planted
I had to rescue a pot of garlic chive, it had become so overcrowded they were struggling, even pulling it apart was a nightmare. I soaked in water, the ones that were for planting and will find another pot and maybe plant some in with the leeks. They should take off with plenty of water and good soil.

Garlic Chives

I started on the new leek bed but will leave it till tomorrow to actually do some planting. The beetroot is ready for picking, which I will do as needed. Made a beetroot, pumpkin, feta, chickpea salad this week, was extra yummy with just pulled beetroot and smoked salmon.

New leek bed to be.

No embroidery for two weeks as it is school holidays, but I am putting in the next photo for our leader as I kept some seeds for her. 

Red Nasturtiums

 Enjoy the holidays, and stay safe.

Till Next Time.