Sunday, September 16, 2018

Competition and Pavilion Start

Tomorrow the Community Garden is going to be judged for the local Garden Competition. The garden itself will fit into the Commercial Category, and the Waterwise Section. I don't really think we will win either but what may win is the individual plots of which 6 have been entered. The only other entry was one at Woolgoolga Community Garden. If one of these wins then the person gets $100. If we win the whole garden we get a trophy. We also need to open the garden 10am to 4 pm Sat. and Sun. next week.

Pink Lady Sweet Peas - Diggers

 John and I have both entered a plot each and will donate back to the garden with the money, if we win.  Both of them I started, the square foot garden and one filled with lettuces.

Red and Green Cos, Freckles and Red Tipped Mignonette

Sq. foot taken last week, I added a few bits today..

My way of thinking is the competition is at the wrong time for vegetables. The lettuce are finished and on the way to seeding, meanwhile the spring planting has only just begun due to the frosts in August. If I had entered my own garden, the flowers are all just showing and looks beautiful, and still have the cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli in, and we didn't get the frost.
 I am not entering though, as not interested in  so many visitors arriving to view all weekend and I won't be there all day as at the Community one and doing a scrap booking retreat.

So we have all been very busy pruning, growing, weeding, mowing and generally tidying up all month to get ready, then yesterday the concreters decided to start doing the pavilion.They mapped everything out for digging up the grass and laid out rope then put the orange fence up to protect us all.

Nearly all the quadrant is fenced off

Crusher dust at the ready.

Oh well, the judges do mention they take in account work in progress, but I think they meant seedlings.

Google Map.

From the above map you will see where the pavilion is actually going and also how we still have to finish off the final path to complete the oval. This will take a working bee, crusher dust and a machine to stamp it all down. The 4th. quadrant though now holds garden beds for the cut flower section.

Flower Beds running along the edge of what will be the last Oval Path.



The garden has never been so neat to the point it is hard to find work other than watering and weeding, if you can find them, plus today a bit of extra mulching.

The final bank bed which is between the road to be and the orchard area had been dug out, so we planted a few of the plants still in the bush house, with no where to go, plus a few from home. Hippeastrums, a  Buddleia, Croton, Red Frangipani,Cotton Hibiscus, have all been planted plus a red leaf thing I don't know the name of.

Last Bank Bed, to the left is the road, then the path. To the Right the Orchard

The half water tank made of plastic was finally divided up into three, the bottom one a pond, and two side ones for maybe strawberries or flowers. These are on the corner of the last quadrant, and the flower beds go all the way around.

Now we have put in some water plants plus ready to add some reinforcing rod to stop kids hopping in. This is what is used when doing a concrete bed to make them firm and hold weight.

Egyptian Papyrus, Blue Iris and Japanese Fishing Pole at the moment

Monday 17th I will get a phone call to open the gate then we will know how we did. Stay tuned.

Till next time.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

2018 Bellingen Plant Fair

We decided to go to the Plant Fair this year as I still had to get some more fruit trees for the Community Garden, plus it is a fun thing to do.

One fruit tree seller

One of the beauties of this particular park is all the trees, plenty of shade in the hot weather.

John tested out the different types of citrus fruit, which I thought was nice of the sellers.

One thing I learned is if you don't go early, you will miss out. Customers were bringing in wheeled trolleys to put masses of plants in. Amazing to see, I suppose for some it is much easier than starting their own seeds, and of course it is officially Spring. .

A Range of Gardening Books

There was quite an array of flowering plants, Australian Natives, Succulents, and Flowers

Eucalyptus Rainbow Gum



A large range of daisies

Pelargoniums and Begonias


One stand had a gorgeous cockatoo, that constantly said "hello". One way of bringing the customers.

I ended up buying an Avocado tree, a Red Panama Passion Fruit, A May Bush, and a Pomegranate for the Community Garden, a 2 Tea bushes one for me as well.

We arrived at 9am and left at 11am, and by the end with all the walking my knees were playing up with rheumatoid arthritis, and painful. The past two months has been a bad time for it.

Coffee Station

Not a lot of food stalls only about 5,  but this was interesting with its potatoes.

This area had the only bric a brac and vegetable stalls.

Raffle for the Bellingen Seed Savers.

 I bought pumpkins seeds Kent and Musquee de Provence and raffle tickets, which we didn't win.

John pointing out a book on collecting succulents.

Entertainment at the Fair.

If you follow my blog you will know I like to collect Hippeastrums. They are very expensive but I couldn't let this go, with thanks to my best friend in Melbourne who gave me $10 towards a birthday present. Bought one that is still to flower.

I also collect succulents so they were 5 for $10 with a wide choice. Took a while to pick 5 out.

Lots of stunning orchids also.

Once we finished here, we went on and had lunch at the Old Butter Factory.It was really hot as well about 25C and after having 19C and 20C days overnight of 7C or below a bit of a shock. We drank a full litre of cold water between as plus an ice cold fresh juice, beetroot,carrot, apple, delicious. They hadn't even changed over from the breaky menu but smoked trout for John and BLT for me did us for the rest of the day. Despite the sore knees really enjoyed our day.

Till next time.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Back to the Front Garden Update

Several posts ago I mentioned that I would show you the Front Garden as we have just about finished  updating it,  and I am very pleased with it. Now that September is here I will start the summer vegetables and really get it going.

This is the overall picture of most of the front now. We used false grass to go between the beds. There are 7 beds with two  L shape beds on the boundary.

Showing my square foot garden.

 One bed I am turning into a square foot garden as best I can as there is a small bit  on the edge left over which is perfect for my climbing beans and cucumbers, when I put the rods up to hold trellising.

Right Hand Side with L Shape Garden

I originally saved a lot of plants in pots and I am still sorting out what to do with them. The right hand side has a largish triangle spare bit, between beds, in which I have put a rose and lemon grass in pots.


This right hand garden is filled with carrots, beetroot, spinach, celeriac, and snow peas that I am letting go to seed.

Beetroot and Spinach with sweet peas trailing over from corner area

Snow Peas  going to seed, Celery and Celeriac plus spinach.

Lettuce bed in front of the glasshouse

The bed in front of the glasshouse I have planted lettuce, and one zucchini and some celery. I haven't really thought about this one and use it to put the seedlings in the sun for the moment. Will probably put a squash here as well.

Between all the beds is the false grass. This both saved doing the paving and now eliminates most of  the weeds coming up between. I like the look now it is down.

Left Hand side L shape  garden and first bed which is 15  foot ( 5 metres approx.)long

Under neath the netted beds have been red and green cabbages, broccolli, kale, rocket  and pak choy. This has kept the moths out and we have regularly been picking cabbages as well as bringing them home from the community gardens.

Picked from my garden last week, Chinese Cabbage, Vertus with the crinkly leaves at back and  smooth pointy Greyhound
One of the Cabbage beds.
Vertus Cabbage my favorite
All the flowers I planted on the side garden are now starting to flower. Looks fabulous.
Azalea on the Veranda End is a picture.
Corner at the front, still kept the old fence and wheel.
Footpath side.

Looking Back to the Corner
The herb garden near our verandah is going strong. Lost the Rosemary in the transfer but now have a new one started from cuttings at the Community Garden, which originally came from my garden anyway. 
Smallest Garden Red Cos and Marigolds and Daffodils
The herb garden is still going strongly, and in a great place nearest the front door.
Herb Gadren
I hope you enjoyed this tour, once summer is here it should be overloaded, and looking forward to all the vegetables. Till Next Time.