Sunday, November 17, 2019

Updates on Fires, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Garden.

Well I can't say the fires are over this week in NSW, but a least they are under control. Some are being left just to burn away and classified as out of control but they are on a watch and wait system seeing where it will go before any action is taken. Some areas are just impractical to even attempt to stop them. There has been a lot of back burning so this area has been covered in dense smoke, which has also cut the wind down, nature at its best. The wind being the most dangerous factor at the moment should it start blowing again. I hope those in Qld. now experiencing bad fires stay safe.

Thick smoke from the back burning.

Since my gallbladder op. I haven't had any medicine for my Rheumatoid Arthritis so have been going now 6 months. I am beginning to feel it quite badly and taking a prescription pain killer so need to start looking into some possibilities rather than going back to my 5 weekly infusions which take 2hrs.
This is mainly so we can travel, anytime we like and say across to WA and Perth which will  roughly 2 weeks to get there.

In the garden today such a lovely colour

Initially Methotrexate is the first medicine they give you which is a tablet once a week, so I am thinking if my system can handle it (which it didn't, shows up in Liver Function Tests)) I will go back to it. I am not in such a bad state as when I was first diagnosed so went through a series of medicines to get to the infusion which has to be approved by Government. This week my RA Specialist sent a letter to say he has moved permanently to Brisbane so there is now no-one at all here, the closest being 2hrs. away in Port Macquarie and most likely a really busy practice anyway. So decided to go to Brisbane on my next 6 monthly appointment in January. In the meantime seeing my local Dr. tomorrow to see what we can do to start Methotrexate. I am also experimenting with Moringa a natural powdered leaf that is really helping arthritis sufferers as well as other diseases.

Digging Up Perpetual Leeks with all the babies.

Start of the new leeks plantings.

Today I transferred some of the perpetual leeks, to where the sweet peas were. In the next few days will also send some to one of the round gardens at the back. I have planted  seeds of carrots, rocket, and more lettuce. The small white potatoes I bought started growing in the drawer so I planted them 3 weeks ago and they are looking good. I find gardening very tiring so only can last an hour. Between the hot weather, smoke and RA,  a little hard for me, as is the housework which I am only keeping up with basics.

New Potato Bed from medium size Coles White Potatoes.

The ones that died I will have to dig up. I tested a bucket or two and they were of a big enough size to eat.

Photo from last weeks disaster

Bucket Test: Should be twice the size but this will do.

Managed to cover the tomatoes, and will find my clips to hold the net all together. They are starting to produce tomatoes and I need to avoid the fruit fly.

Apollo Tomatoes

Pot Prize only grow 50cm.

The Purple King beans have really kicked on and I think I will be picking this week and freezing by the look of the flowers.

Front of the beginning of beans with bok choy and baby squash in front.

Long length of beans from back which is how I will pick them.

Flowers are looking great, purple and white salvias, roses of course, gladiolis popping up everywhere. White Statice doing well.

Pink Cleome

White Gladioli

 Generally the front garden is doing well, so easy to look after. The back is ok and picking yellow zucchini, and emptying all the other 3 round beds, and of course lots of weeds in the paving. John is helping around the pool area as it is getting out of control again.

Another week gone, Stay safe everyone.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Community Garden Opening and a Sick Einstein

Well another week of heavy smoke, while our local area burns away. I am sure everyone has seen on the news how bad things are getting. Really bad winds again and sudden heat in the high 30's has not been good for the garden. My lovely lush potatoes have suddenly died and I have no idea why, so will be picking tiny potatoes to clear the area and pots. Minor problems compared to those in need, my heart goes out to them.

This was Oct.10th
Today's View

During all this disaster we officially opened  the Community Gardens, with a small ceremony. Part of the reason being acknowledging the Council and Federal Government grants and the Mayor came to represent everyone. The TV and local paper were also supposed to come but we feel they were out attending the fire reports.

Our patron Pat Roser OAM and Denise Knight our Mayor.

The garden was looking particularly nice although dry, and a small group were taken around for a show and tell by John.

All this was preceded by poor Einstein's troubles. If you remember last week we dealt with a paralysis tick, we bought him home last Wednesday week, not very happy, he was one sad dog. Slowly he picked up but then last Thursday, this week, he was in a lot of pain and wouldn't walk, eat and kept yelping. That same morning I was also in a lot of pain with RA so thought it was a recurring arthritic problem for him, because of the weather. In again to the vet, who decided to xray his back leg area as it could have been a small bone splinter and also to take out some more badly infected teeth.
Einstein feeling better today.

 Organised this for the next day so he was quiet all day but come Friday was his old self and cranky because we didn't feed him breakfast in readiness for the xrays and op. Well if we thought he was sad last time, this time very, very miserable. Two teeth removed and lots of aching due to the xrays of moving his legs around in all sorts of angles. The diagnosis being his spine has fused out of alignment from an old injury and equivalent to bad sciatica in humans. He is 13yrs old in June and although we could pay $20,000 in an operation up at the Gold Coast, I think we shall keep this problem at bay with pain relief and gentle exercise. He is a pretty tough dog though.

Nana Glen

My daughter in law sent me a photo of her sister's house at Nana Glen, half an hour away, taken Friday. When we picked up Einstien from the vet, Coffs Harbour also looked like this. Should  Bongil Bongil National Park take on fire we could be in a spot of trouble. It wraps around the valley we look at.

Our View of the Train Line looking towards Dorrigo. and part of Bongil Bongil National Park.

Lets hope the  Rural Fire Department can get this all under control. A lot of native animals are also being wiped out. If you see any donations wanted for these fires please consider helping.

Till Next Time stay safe everyone.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Christine Anu and Sawtello Gospel Choir

I can only presume the great tiredness I feel today is due to the adrenaline felt singing at the Jetty Theatre as Christine Anu's supporting act. We were well received by both audiences. 2pm and 8pm but as we went in at 12pm. to do sound checks, and a warm up then a wait of an hour in the green room, the excitement and nervousness with the group was very real. Really it was no different singing to the Coramba Fire Brigade audience but the fact we were supporting a very well know international artist was different.

 The 16 ladies that actually backed up her two songs I am Woman and My Island home must have had nerves of steel. We didn't stay for the actual concert and they were on last, so didn't get to hear them but they were well pleased after the afternoon show.

This is our stage,  and photo from her facebook page.

We then had a 4 1/2 hrs. at home, but I didn't do much except water the garden as it has been so windy this week the soil is drying out rapidly.

Back in we went by 7.30 to the green room, before we lined up on stage, and did it all again. 40 of us in all. I don't know what the audience thought when the curtains opened as no advertising had been done at all so we were a bit of a surprise.
Waiting outside to go to the green room.
  We sing in other languages so songs are from New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa as well as English ones.  All in 4 part harmony. John is with the men in the base section and I am in with Altos.

Taken at the Methodist Church  3 weeks ago, after we moved from the too small CWA Rooms. We are rapidly growing.

Prior to all this, Einstein was put into the Vet Hospital for two days also this week as he had a Paralysis tick that had been on him 3 days but the effect only came through by Wednesday night although I had noticed he was not well and checked him for ticks but found nothing, it was in his middle groin. The worry of all that I suppose added to this tiredness as well.

The wind has been horrible, and combined with all the smoke from the fires I can't say this has been a great week, other than the buzz of the concert.
 The potato pots and garden have been blown around so much they look half dead.

Last week they were lush and looking great
I would have thought these were protected

I did pull up more garlic from the back, only small as the soil is not as good as the front.

Also this week tried out my new Kmart Family pie maker. This saves having to put the oven on when I just want a quick quiche or pie for the two of us, takes no time at all to cook either and very pleased with it.

Shortcrust bottom and Puff on Top

Bacon, mushrooms, onion, cheese pie. Very filling also

I hope your week went well and the wind wasn't a nuisance as it has been here.

Till Next Time.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Ginger, Garlic, Sweet Potato and a Garage Sale

My sister had her huge garage sale today. Most of the stuff was scrapbooking items, and fabric.
It has also turned rather hot, and after 2 hours or so I decided to tidy the kitchen in the cool. My neice was also down from Brisbane to help and is going to take some preserving stuff from my stash, and plants, home as well.

Not a huge amount of people but they were slowly coming and going, and we left early so we could get some lunch.

This week though I have been concentrating on the garden every day. Sweet potatoes are now all dug up and some little ones replanted.

This lot was from a Large Pot.

Digging them out, have replanted some little ones back.

From the front garden I ended up with a bucket full.

Dug up all the garlic in the front and very pleased with them. The largest ones I have ever grown so will now stick with Russian Garlic in the future. Still the back ones to dig and I don't think they will be as big, just goes to show what cow manure and mushroom compost mix can do.

Hung them in my pantry, as I thought they needed a bit more drying out, eventually will put in the fridge so they don't shrivel up all together.

Ginger had died back and was starting to regrow again, so sorted that out as well. Planted more of course and giving some away. There is still two more pots to go. If you leave ginger, for another year it will grow bigger again.

One pots worth.

Exciting news though is I sold my first lot of cards, which at least made me work out the Madeit system. Have been working on the dolls to try and get a good pattern, my area is full of arms, legs, heads and bodies, like some factory, but I am getting there. 

The smoke has also been dreadful this week and I hope none of you are battling the fires. Stay safe.

Till Next Time.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sawtello Gospel Choir - Coramba Hall Concert

Today I participated in raising money for the Coramba Rural Fire Brigade by singing with the Sawtello Choir. John also joined in as he is part of the men's bass group, I am in the Altos. I have belonged to the group for a year now.

This was of course after minding the 6 year old twins and our 11 yr old granddaughter Saturday, and this morning (Sunday), while mum and dad went to a wedding. The eldest two girls stayed home and looked after themselves, both studying. Miss G being in year 12 and full on with exams at the moment and Miss C in year 10.

This country hall is 105 years old and very well built, the acoustics were fantastic.

We had to bring a plate to this fundraiser so luckily Miss P loves to cook and whipped up the chocolate chip slice, that my bestie gave me years ago.

Just part of what was supplied

31 members turned up to sing but the audience was triple that I am sure,we all took up the whole hall. Our leader Andrew had made stands for us to sing on and these were placed in front of the stage as some choristers, would have been hidden. He preferred to be closer to the audience anyway.

The Tallowood Bush Band also played as Barry, part of that group is also in our choir, how lucky is that. They went on first and I thoroughly enjoyed it, Irish jigs and old Australian Bush Ballads. Such a talented group each played at least 2 instruments some 3.

Barry is in the yellow shirt.

We sang for 20 mins after the band, then it was time for a cuppa and a chat, then we sang again for about an hour which is what we will be doing with Christine Anu's concert in November as her supporting act.

I am in the back row 2nd from RH side. John is taking photo.

In the end we made over $1,000.00 to help the Coramba Rural Fire Brigade. There is 51 fires currently burning in NSW alone and the Bee's Nest is still burning, of which 120,000 hectares burnt so far. Just about every day, unless windy, the smoke is around us all the time.

We are waiting here for Andrew to bring his trailer so the stands can be loaded by the men, but my feet were killing me for standing so long.

It was a good afternoon, with a meal and some laughs at the local pub later,with a few of the group, to save me cooking when I got home. I shall sleep well tonight.

Till Next Time.