Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Painting the Verandah Update

With so much happening in this part of the world, its been a long slow job of painting our verandah, but I have just about finished the roof thank goodness. Between the rain, some hot days, placing mum,the garden,  and generally a busy life, I felt I would never get to the end.

The front of course is now finished both floor and roof. Furniture is in and a new outdoor carpet. Only thing left is for some aqua cushions I have yet to make. The gate has been painted aqua, as has some of the garden features.

 I have taken this photo today and it is raining, hence the washing in desparation hung a few bits off the rail, very handy actually, it really belongs to out van.

The side roof is finished and also nearly the back. I have also started freshening up the rails, when there is a bit of paint left over.

From This
To This
I have as yet to paint the poles Dark Gray,and then the floor light grey.

Back plus hand dandy scaffolding

I went to pick up a new tin of paint and found that they had been marked down from $120 to $39, so made an instant decision to get what I needed for inside the house also. Thank goodness for credit cards. This little pile and a daunting amount of work has saved us $1400.00. British Paints is replacing the professional label with something new.

Wanted hardworking painters, free room and board.Inside job and don't expect money.

I haven't found the painting very hard, but it is something that requires effort every week, in order to progress. Three panels takes about an hour and there is an undercoat plus two main coats. Sometimes I have worked it in a day with two hours between coats, other times I have just spent and hour, and did one coat of something.

All in all I am very pleased both with myself, and the difference this has made. Can't wait now to do the floor. We have to still hire a professional painter to do the west wall under roof  bit, the window sills,and very front as it is too high for me, being two stories up. My fear of heights is stopping me doing that.

I can't even anticipate how much money we have saved, but definitely 5 figures worth.

As its raining now better change to Konmari method,up to doing the books. Will show you next next time.


  1. Wow, that was quite a saving on paint. You are doing so well with the painting. You will be happy when it is finished.

    1. Yes , long way off yet. Can't do it every day too tiring.

  2. What a saving and how bright everything looks. Especially love the aqua gate.

  3. Thank you, glad you liked it.


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