Sunday, January 29, 2023


Update on the House Painting

I mentioned last week that I had finished the painting and I have no more walls to do, but in the kitchen is a couple of bifold doors and a windowsill, minor stuff after what I have been doing. 

If you remember, the dining room I had been testing two colours, one to match the stair rails and the other a few shades lighter as per the charts you pick up, and as a reminder.

Lighter Blue

 In the end I decided to paint the dado boards  the stair colour and the walls the same white as the rest of the tongue and groove walls. It worked out well, as it matches the overall look from the hall way across to the entrance hall, and the blue matches the doors and divider frames and continues on around the wall. A much more cohesive look.. After weeks of decision making it was so easy in the end.

I have still to put some pictures on the wall, hopefully ones I have done. I also decided to paint the chair and table legs white for the farmhouse look. We have had this whole set including hutch since the late 1980's. Both table and hutch are super heavy.

Love how the white turned out in the table and chairs.

The Ikea cupboards are finished and I love how they look, blends in with everything else and the drawers hold a lot of stuff. The base is still to be done when the flooring is sorted.

Once Christmas was over I then painted the lounge room which is known in this house as the TV room, a place to put the kids. Red couches that I am thinking of changing, for a lighter look, maybe a pale grey, but they are still in good condition and will probably keep. This room is not much used anymore till the mob turn up.

I had a lot of thinking about this room, tried the stair paint Blue Heather, and the diluted version of it and then one day, John was cleaning up the paint tins and found an unopened tin in a lovely blue colour, half way between colours and more blue.  It was fairly old and the label was worn off so have no idea what it was but it worked beautifully.


I repainted the dado white to give it a fresh clean look, then the new blue colour, which  has given it a much softer coastal look.

The photo doesn't do the colour justice but it is pretty.

This new blue blends great with the Heather on the doors in the main area. I kept the door side in this room white.
 As the other half of this room is a lot of brick I hope to paint some frames white and have a picture wall of the family in various years, plus another painting or two on the main walls.

If I was brave I would white wash the brick, to lighten the room, but I am not, as  it is hard to change back to original unlike paint. That is why I think white frames will help.

The corner of the room is on the western side and gets very hot, so need block out curtains. I am thinking of changing them to a plain cream or even a pale blue to match the walls. Again trying to lighten the whole room. Both windows don't match so have to do something.

I don't get many comments but I hope you have enjoyed  this "painting the house" series and like the new changes. Still a little bit more with window frames once the weather cools down.
Take care,

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  1. You are very brave painting the whole house and I have enjoyed your journey. It all looks really nice and fresh

  2. I love the new colour in the TV Room! The Dining table and chairs look so good also! I never would have thought to do something like that to the chairs, but it works! The table is the star, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Have you considered some block-out blinds behind the curtains in the TV Room? You could have some really nice soft curtain fabric in front of some serious blinds that are designed to block the sun and reduce the heat.

  3. No I hadn't actually, put them in the office though. Good idea. ❤


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