Sunday, November 4, 2018


Not a Good Week

This week has not exactly been brilliant, I have had an infection that is hanging on, despite being on antibiotics. Dr. told me to take them for 3 days, luckily the pack had 7 tablets, so hopefully it will get rid of it. This has made me very tired also and find myself falling asleep during the day.

Last week though I managed to pick flowers and vegetables for the monthly cento market and we made $120.00. The biggest yet. Most sold along with some 2nd hand books, and it is a thrill to know my instinct of growing flowers to sell works. The sunflowers are just gorgeous. I have also organized for the lady in green to be the liaison officer with Centro and members,to have less work for me.

This Months Market Stand.

Between times I am trying to catch up with the weeding, after all the rain the garden seems to support nothing else, and it is a hard battle. The pond now is looking at its best with the water lilies appearing

The roses are also coming along with new ones everyday. My special rose I got from my best friend flowered also, for the first time, a lovely apricot one, but I was too sick to take a photo.

Standard rose hasn't been doing so well, but this year it is fabulous

This week also I made the decision to resign from being the Co-ordinator and Secretary of the garden. After the AGM, I encountered a verbal abusive event, which is the 2nd one, in 2 months by two different people and these two were overheard saying to ignore me and  carry on as usual. Nothing has been solved, no apologies, and basically minor things, but for me being yelled at and belittle what I have done for the garden, is not OK.

I really loved doing the work but every time I go back I am wondering if it is going to happen again, which is causing a lot of worrying and stress, something I do not need more of, coping with mum, my garden and the house will be enough for the time being. It has been 18 months and I have achieved a lot, in that time, and worn out by constantly thinking what, where and why for the community garden, even deciding to quit has been hard mentally.

 Time for someone else. Eventually I will go back to water or weed, but for now need the break till next year.

The meeting is today and I gave John my resignation last night, I am not going although it would be nice to know their reaction, there will be a few who will be upset also, which I couldn't handle, but no-one can convince me to reinstate, if I am not there. Poor John will have a tough time though.

So now there is an empty space for something new to come in, and hopefully next week will improve.

 Till next time.


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