Sunday, November 11, 2018


A Lesson Learned

With all this new found time that I have and John helping no.2 son I  finally cleaned out a small wardrobe in the girls room, which meant dragging out curtain material, so rather than put it back decided to make the new curtains for the sitting room, which is the one I tend to hang out in most.

My favorite spot,by the fire for winter, under the fan for summer, and a view outside.

I am not sure which came first, I think it was the curtain material, purchased to go with the "beach" theme I was going for. The verandah is still needed in finishing off with grey floor dark grey poles and white balustrade so this curtain I bought eons ago is grey and aqua to match.

The rug I bought at Aldis, 6 months after hoping it would blend in.The old one although looks nice is a real pain to clean, holds every little bit of dog hair. After spending 3 days making new curtains, THEN I dragged out the rug, from under the spare bed. Surprise, Surprise they don't match!!!!!

Ooops need to fix that hem as well.

In fact I don't really like the material now that it is made up either.

Sooooooo what to do. Well after struggling with changing the original red striped ones into our tv room, which has 2 large windows in the corner of a western wall, and putting them up, and then putting the new curtains up, these things are heavy being lined, I then had to pull them all down and reverse the whole lot again.

 Who knew curtains to be such hard work.

John's working area, now with new curtains lol

If I paint the wall in this tv room it may all blend in, as it is a pale green at the moment, and should be aqua to match, might improve things, either that or buy new curtains.

Meanwhile the other room looks much better, even if these curtains need replacing one day, the band on the back that holds the rod has disintegrated with the UV. I also need to upholster the chair, the cushions are quite thin. I have a new covering of cream and black writing, which again I have had for at least a year or more.

Seems a waste of three days of sewing, but at least I cleaned and washed the floor area again, after dragging it all out, and the rug looks great.Back to square one as they say.

As you would gather I am much better this week although the Dr. changed my antibiotics for the 3rd time.

Till Next Time.

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