Sunday, June 18, 2017


An Odd Week

I have been thrown out of kilter this week, but haven't a clue why? Was it because Monday was the Queens Birthday holiday and I didn't go to Embroidery class. Tuesday was messed up, and I didn't go to community garden as had to join a new bank account with a fellow "gardener" and that took forever. Plus spending a lot of computer time trying to get the funding programme together, which is now finished thankfully and just have to apply to Chuffed for approval.

Maybe it's because Wednesday was Hospital infusion day, or that it has been heavily raining most of the week, because Friday was  a 5 load wash day, due  to us going away the weekend before, is still on the line 2 days later, still partially wet.

Picked another driveway pumpkin.

Don't get me wrong the week wasn't a dead loss. Made 2 tracksuits for the twins and finished off a cardigan for Miss V. It was their 4th birthday yesterday.  Visited mum, and washed and cut her hair, which she puts up a fight with when the nurses do it. Made sourdough bread successfully, still learning.  John managed to mulch the prunings left over from last week, so the area looks a little cleaner.

We had to leave most of it for a nice day to clean up, today is sunny but not going out to the garden have quite a bit to do in the house instead.

From the mulberry tree will use to re-do my little twig fences.

Pruned to half their size. What a mess!

Looking forward to making this a strawberry bed.

Yellow Climbing Rose moved last month has come to life. So glad.

Good news is the 5 bare root  Roses arrived and I have managed to plant 3 of them. I chose 3 from Brindabella range as good for high humidity areas, yellow, and 2 red, a climbing Peace Rose and an Old soft pink English  Rose that I will really have to keep my eye on.

Pink David Austin  -Chaucer.
Red Brindabella and a Pink Miniature Rose
Yellow Brindabella
The climbing snow peas on the bicycle wheel frame are just about finished so I started some new pea seeds in T.Rolls and squared them up to fit in the meat tray. So easy and quick to do and great for those plants that take off like legumes. Plant the pot and all. Good for most seeds really, have done tomato, cucumber, zucchini, silver beet in them as well.

Squash down both sides and cut up edge.
Fold bottom over.

Planted Green Snow Peas.

Better to pull our now so new ones can come on.

Today I am going to get my planner up to date. Write out yet another to do list. Plan for visitors in July,  rescue the washing, and hopefully feel like I am in control again. Hope your week was a good one.

Till next time stay safe.


  1. That is a big week Chris. I'm amazed how many other things you still managed to get done.
    I had the kids in and out all week with half days etc. due to exams, two days out with medical appointments and then our son's 16th birthday last night. Chicken coop is getting a big, big spring clean today. Also felt a bit out of whack last week, losing track of which day it was. It absolutely flew by too.
    Wishing you all the best for the funding and I hope the coming week is a little more settled for you.

  2. Thanks Kylie.The week flew by for me to.

  3. Fantastic effort with the community Garden Project. Little steps grow :) wishing you all the best.
    In the garden even though it is cooler there is a lot of "housekeeping" to do...
    We too have cut and pruned all along our fence line behind the hedge creating a walk through area thereby keeping the wooden fence healthy without heavy leaning on it. There is still a LOT of chopping up of prunings to be done which at the moment has been trampled down behind the hedge as I worked there. The first section I dragged out each bunch of prunings and chopped it up into a huge pile but it made the process too slow as we had wet weather coming again.
    Visiting from the. Forum :)

  4. Thank you Alexa, I know cutting prunings and wet weather, such a pain.Then you have to pack it all.


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