Sunday, October 28, 2018


Camping in the Rain - Illaroo

We had arranged to join our 2nd son in a 2 week holiday at Minnie Waters National Park, at the Illaroo Camp Ground. It is a lovely spot on the beach, a rough drive in but peaceful none the less. It had been raining slightly but little did we know that a low pressure system, off the coast was there to stay for 2 weeks or more.

View from our site day one.

It was overcast when we arrived but still pleasant enough. Lots of birds around.

 Black Cockatoo


Sandpiper and Plover

Unusual cloud on one of our walks to the rock shelf.

Campsites not too bad. Nice and Cosy

The Family

Right on the Beach
There was a set of stairs down to the beach so easy to get to for our walks.

Looking up from the beach at sunset
We could see the whales breaching above the water as the waves were a little rough. Pod after pod.
So it started off pleasant enough and we heard at home it had been pouring with rain. Then the winds started up and the waves got bigger and bigger.

And the wind never stopped for three days.

Then the rain came, most of the days off and on.

Raining outside kids inside.

The park had quite a few caravans but by Friday they were gone.



We actually had the whole park to ourselves except for the caretaker. Nothing stops our family though and we used the public BBQ area everyday from then on.

Lots of bonfires for cooking. A visit from the other son and family, so we had all 8 grandchildren together.

Marshamallow cooking even in the rain. Kids loved it.

I know I know, you have to be desperate.

Even the birds didn't care.
Blue Faced Honey Eater

At family request I don't put the kids photos on but what some fantastic times we had with them. I did my usual embroidery project and listened to a talking book at the same time. Played card games and hangman with them.
Lots of jelly fish came up on the beach
Blue Bottle Jellyfish

 Last couple of days the waves washing up turned brown, and foamy.

Facing the elements

We lasted a week as the others had to go home for school and due to the dull weather the solar wasn't charging as well, and it was still raining. I don't feel I have had much of a holiday and would like to go back. Finding the time is the hardest. Can highly recommend this park if you like camping.

Till next time.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, Chris.
    The beach is so beautiful. I've never see a blue bottle jellyfish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a lovely poncho! Love the photo of the family in the rain stoking the fire, such great memories!


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