Sunday, July 12, 2015


In the Beginning

Last week on the 7th was my birthday, this is usually the beginning of my year. As a lot has happened since last birthday to birthday I am hoping that John and I can actually get down to travelling, but first we have to fix the Swan, fix the house,and get the garden organized to leave.

The "To Do List" is quite large, Spring is on its way, seeds need to be started, replacing the verandah finished, painting finished, curtains to make, so many things.

My mum and dad Jack and Yvonne. Married 63 yrs. and one of the closest  loving couples I have known.
Since my father died in Feb. my mother whose memory is very weak, is living with us. I have been caring for them for over a year now, and it hasn't been easy. Things have to change, by Christmas hopefully we will be able to place mum somewhere, and get on with our own life together.

 Come with us on our journey and see how we struggle to keep up with it all.


  1. Hi Chris, I empathise with you re the situation with your Mum. My father in law died nearly 20 years ago and Mum (inlaw) stayed in the family home for 17 years until she was too frail to leave on her own. Medics advised placing her in aged care, but we wanted her with us, and she lived with us for about 3 months until she had a fall, and her doctor insisted that we couldn't provide 24/7 care for her any more. So the last two years of her life up to her 100th year, were spent in care, and while we wished we could have kept her with us, on the other hand it was a relief to know she was being cared for by professional nurses and carers. So don't feel bad about doing that with your Mum, as she will be better off, and so will you.

  2. Such a beautiful pic of your Mum and Dad, Chris. Good luck with settling your mum somewhere - I have my mum with me here and as much as I love her dearly it does put a great strain on me and also my marriage.


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