Sunday, July 8, 2018


It's my Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday 7th day of the 7th Month. Not only another year older but it also represents this blog another year older. Three years in all. It is not the most popular but I enjoy telling my story, and hope that those reading it also enjoy what one woman does in her everyday life. My family don't all read it but those that do keep up to date and maybe someone tracing their genealogy will also find me.

 Statistic wise it is not brilliant compared to the popular ones which would probably have my 3 years rolled into a month or less but 15,328 page views gives me a thrill. Audience is world wide probably by accident in some cases, and this is my 165 post. I am proud of what I have achieved.

The Homemakers Forum I help moderate, had many birthday wishes from the friends there, and it is nice to be appreciated.

As for my birthday morning it started with breakfast in bed, followed by me  planting 300 seeds in root trainers and in the afternoon my lovely daughter in law with family and our eldest son in tow bought over a Red Velvet cake, the first I have actually tasted and it was delicious.

My present of 2 scarves and a lovely watering can filled with hand made wooden roses. It is gorgeous, and smells beautiful with Rose oil.

I had set the table with my lace cloth and the Harrods T -Set and spoilt the children drinking Hot Chocolate and Chai out of fancy cups and saucers and eating cake with a fork.  I think I enjoyed more watching them, than they did doing it. 

Yum Yum

 Our eldest daughter drove from Sydney that day for her holidays, and we all went to an Indian Restaurant. The meal was wonderful and on the way home bought 4 different flavoured icecream what fun tried them all. 

Quoting our daughter "Everyone has to have a Floating Birthday Balloon."

The youngest daughter and Husband in America, sent me a Bunnings voucher. What a great ending to the day.

It has been a busy week, cleaned out my garden shed, moved things around and giving lots of pots to the Community, trying just to use 3 or 4 different sizes. Time to get  ready for the Spring.

Till next time, stay safe everyone.


  1. What a sweet and happy birthday celebration for you. The cake looks lovely with its flower decorations. We have quite a few birthdays coming up, I might decorate a cake like that too. Lovely that you enjoyed your special day so much. Happy belated birthday to you! Meg ☺

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday!
    a red velvet cake?! WOW! that looks divinely rich!
    i've never tasted one either & always out of price range. glad it tasted as good as it looked!
    glad you had a wonderful day!
    thanx for sharing


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