Sunday, July 1, 2018


To Prune in June

The saying "Prune in June is Way to Soon" I heard  from ABC Gardening Australia Tino Carnevale recently. I suppose being in Tasmania and in the middle of Winter he is right, but not sure if it relates to this sub tropical area as the nectarine tree has already flowered. It could be the hot weather. I hope so as I haven't pruned it yet. What I did manage this  last June week though is to prune the Plum, Lime and Lemon tree out the back and the Elderberry in the front. 

Lime LHS and Lemon

I had been waiting for the limes and lemons to be pickable and with the frosty cold weather we have had at night they finally turned yellow and so I picked everything except one bunch of lemons still green that was way up high. The rest of the tree though also had a good pruning.

Lemon to the back lime in front
What hasn't been done is a Lemonade Lemon Tree absolutely loaded to the hilt, and the Peachcot, Nectarine and of course the Mulberry needs a tidy up. I did prune the tall growing branches off of it as they were at least 1 1/2 metres into the air back  in May.

Basket of Limes

What a job the Plum was, made up of two species grafted on to each other. A Blood Plum and a Yellow one. John had to cut one branch with the chainsaw as it had died back completely, then I went over the long branches and after that cut each branch back to a ruler length at the most. I do look for where new branches or fruit will spring from and hopefully it will survive its haircut and produce some fruit this year. 

Plum Tree after the pruning.

Elderberry Before

Elderberry After

The Elderberry was very straggly, I didn't realise that it also suckers and I am hovering on getting rid of it although the white flowers are very nice. We haven't collected any to make champagne and the birds eat all the tiny berries, which are not worth turning into jam.

A Friend visiting, they watch for all the flying insects.
My order of bare rooted roses arrived and they have all been planted out in pots , 4 in all. I really love my roses any excuse to plant one. We bought some new big black pots for $7 which I will put the potatoes in so that left last years terracotta ones that had the potatoes free. So what do you plant in huge pots Roses of course!

Pink T Rose I have one out the front which I didn't realise but it is always nice.

To the Left of this Rose is the new one.

The roses are   Brindabella Rose Pink Bouquet, Double Delight, Queen Elizabeth my favorite pink one, and Daybreaker. The Daybreaker is out the front in a pot. Now that these have beenl planted my next job is to start pruning the roses already planted., also fed and sprayed.

 The twigs left from all this tree pruning I cut up and put into a large box to use on the fire next year. I have done this every year now and so handy.

Bonus Elderberry Flowers

There is still a lot of cleaning up to go, and more pruning. The very back around the pond is a nightmare so overgrown. All the work being done at the Community Garden is eating into my time at home, and I am beginning to notice a lot not done now. Today it is pouring rain and we had our monthly meeting, but I will tell you all about that another day.

Till next time.

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