Sunday, April 15, 2018


Seniors Week Harbourside Market

The build up to attending this market has been big. Along with collecting seeds, growing plants, starting hundreds of seedlings  and continuing to mother them every day. Making objects like concrete chickens or birdhouses,  and then trying to get members to pack seeds so they can feel part of the process, or donating anything,  has been a lot of work.
Kim the lady in charge of the  successful Harbourside Markets said today, " without people like us who organize, create and just do, you wouldn't have any of the clubs, gardens or historical facts, presented to the public to take pride in, to enjoy, to attend, and sometimes help."

What a sad place that would be without volunteers.

Mostly Cabbage Seedlings 

This really hit home as one of our members at 85 was new to the district, in a retirement village, depressed and no family, on prescription medicines. He chose our garden to help, although it takes him 20 mins to half and hour to drive in. Attends on all 3 days, and now brings biscuits his neighbour makes plus milk for every day. I started morning tea on Sundays to encourage visitors, and now it is every morning we are open.

Seeds for Sale.

We have given this lovely man his own keys to open and close, to be in charge when needed, like today, his depression has gone, no more tablets and looks forward to every day, plus has started his own home garden of which all the retirement village  ladies admire and they made an effort to come and visit our community garden. This is why we do these things.

The Gang

We started at 5 am to have breakfast after loading up the ute the night before. Collected my sister by 6am and had unloaded all the gear and set up by 7.30am.

The temperture got to 30C hot and windy and a massive gust nearly blew the gazebo away, and had fellow marketeers running to help to hang on to it. The wind knocked our ladder of birdhouses over, it was so strong.

Birdhouses by John

We listened to a an Octarian play Country and Western on a lap steel guitar, all seniors Big Big Boogie Band, the retirement home Ukeulele Band where quite a few are over 80. Two choirs, and watched 2 ladies do Zumba dance steps to some toe tapping beats. All fabulous!

Bought all our fresh fruit and vegetables, grown locally and well presented. I purchased 5 kgs, of bananas to dehydrate, as well.

South Coffs Community Market Stall with a Harbour Market  Marquee.

All in all a  successful day, tiring, very hard work and not rushing to do another one too soon, but $210  will certainly be useful for our community garden.

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  1. Looks like a great success. I loved the story of the older gentleman who is part of the garden. Our sense of connection to people and place can have such an impact on our wellbeing. I truly think there is something inbuilt in humans to be connected to their food and growing it too - but maybe that's just my overzealous gardening passion coming through.


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