Saturday, April 21, 2018


Cabbages and Citrus

It is one of those weeks where nothing seems to happen but you are busy all the time. We actually went to Sydney picked up the 3 grandchildren while our son and daughter in law, flew off for a holiday in Italy. How is this for a view from your bedroom in Italy.

Amalfi Coast Italy.

Drove back the next day, and caught up with the garden, washing and I also went to the chiropractor. There was a bit of cleaning and sorting after our market day, plus add all the children's clothing and games, the house seem to suddenly explode with stuff.

One very clean Dining Room

As I am organizing The Grand Cleaning Plan for the forum I help run, luckily 3 rooms were clean top to bottom, the entrance, lounge and dining and won't take long to sort it out once they are gone. Each week is a new room and next week it will be the bathrooms. Fairly easy in my case, and will keep me on track, till after the school holidays.

Thursday we all went to the Community Garden. Plenty of room and things to do for the children.

Design all mapped out for citrus trees and ready for planting

Children helped cart soil and mulch in the trolleys.

The fruit trees were planted and the plan I did is looking good so far. It has been all set out including the future grapevines and espalier area. The grapes will be started with cuttings from our son's grapevines.
This week we also had Rotary donate some money for the Bush Tucker garden and they want us to organize getting the trees. This is part of the Rotary Scheme whereby the World Rotarian President wanted each Rotarian to plant a tree this year. We have to come up with about 10.

Planting citrus.

Grapevine Area ready for putting in wire strainers and digging beds.

I only managed to get 3 punnets of seedlings planted, and have no idea where the other 30 or so will be going. Mostly cabbages and we really don't need that many.

Cabbages and Kale

Our other outing this week is we attended the movie Peter Rabbit to give the children a treat, I quite enjoyed it also. It is amazing the number of movies coming out now all to do with children's fairy tales.

This lot I might be able to use when the beds are ready.

My best friend sent me some hollyhock seeds and they are just starting to come up, also planted sweet peas from a forum friend. Thanks to both. Looking forward to planting them.

 I hope you all had interesting and busy weeks.
Till next time.

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