Sunday, April 8, 2018


Busy as a Bee

It seems lately all I am doing is gardening. We have just come back from  our Community Garden meeting, and suddenly tiredness has wafted over me, or actually hit me with the force of a sledge hammer. Today was also our opening day, and 2 new couples joined which was lovely. Things must be starting to happen.

Good news is we have approval to start the Orchard, to my design and the money finally donated from  long standing promise, has come through.

Plan of Orchard so far.

We will start with citrus, lemon, lime, 2 mandarins early and late and an orange plus a fig all ordered and ready for next week.

Seedlings on verandah

Meanwhile I have been tending seedlings ready for our market stall next Sunday.


Most of them have been in the protection of our verandah, but now have been moving them to the empty beds in the sun, to harden them off.

Some moved to sunny area

Today one of the members bought in 3 trays of plants, so we fitted one lot in my small car. By the time next week comes the ute will be filled to the brim.

Plants for sale

Couple more

I sorted out my lemon grass plant and have so many pieces, thought I would sell the pieces, so they are covered and ready to pull as necessary.

Lemon grass pieces.

Combined with a heap of BHG magazines, birdhouses, seed packets, some fabric bags made by my sister, tumeric pieces, we should have plenty to sell.

Loofahs grown at the Community Garden 

John finished our seed holder as well.

Taken today.

Along with all of this, I have also started The Grand Cleaning Plan with the Homemaker's Forum. We are up to week 2 and I also am trying to deep clean every room, usually in the afternoon as we go, so most  mornings  I am in the garden which is still slowly progressing, or at the Community Garden. Then housework, shopping, sewing class, medical stuff, fitted in somewhere, craft is taking a back step unfortunately. Retirement is certainly busy.

Till next time, stay safe.


  1. That seed holder looks awesome! Those Loofah's are another thing altogether, how are they grown? Congrats on the Orchard! :)

    1. They are grown on a vine long green pod thingd that turn brown, then you pick them and peel the "bark". They are full of seeds.

  2. Just wondering whether you are willing to post some of the plants that are for sale please? I will pay for postage to SA. Regards Robyne

    1. Never posted large plants before. I think SA has a few rules also. Sorry.

  3. I try to spend mornings in the garden too. You sound very productive!

  4. Sounds like you've been busy. Good luck with the upcoming activities - plant sale and orchard planning and life etc.


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