Sunday, August 6, 2017


Fundraising at the Markets

Well another cold early morning start today, to go to a local market by the river, fundraising for the community garden. We set off at 7am after an hour and half of breakfast,  packing morning tea and lunch, a thermos, raffle tickets, change and crocheting in case it was slow. The night before we had tables, books, chairs, a donated market tent all in the ute ready.

Not bad for bits and pieces Raffle.

 I made up a raffle from new  bits and pieces around the house relating to a garden, and collected books that I was going to give to the op shop.

Our small tent all ready for the day.

Beautiful setting by the river.

Looking back to the Market

We had been invited to attend by a clothing exchange group who donated the takings of the day to us. They made $190 and the raffle took $65 and the books at $2ea made $30. A lovely day as the weather was perfect.

Katrina the organizer and the lovely young Sammy who washed coffee cups and donated $40 to us

 The band playing near us was also great, gentle flute music with 2 guitar players and they all sang. Glad it wasn't a rock and roll band.

 John had to leave at 12.00 to attend our monthly meeting and being the year anniversary of the licence to start after 2 years of paper work with the council. They celebrated with a cake ceremony.

Jan and John as he was leaving for the meeting.

 Jan my sister replaced him. I had to give him my report to read which went over quite well and got some money to finish off a few climbing frames and pay for delivery of some free mulch.

Beautiful daffodils selling at one of the stalls. So cheery and colourful.

View of Market from our tent. Three food stalls lined up to our left was very tempting.

Thought these towers would be great for Balconies.

Interesting Power Hookup.

Mini Book Stall

So one very tired Blogger ready to stop for the night.

Till next time.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day surrounded by wonderful people Chris. I love how you made up the bits and pieces raffle. I'm sure it was gratefully received. Markets have the best atmosphere and bring like minded people together. Everyone is happy and relaxed.
    By the way did you get any crocheting done? My guess would be perhaps not as too many things to do, look at, people to chat with........


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