Sunday, August 13, 2017


A Plethora of Seeds

I wrote to 8 seed companies recently on behalf of the Community Garden, and low and behold last Friday week received a box full from the Greenpatch Seed Company. Lettuce, Corn, Cucumbers, Luffa, Gourds, Tomatoes, Celery, Beans, Zucchini, to name a few, and some very different varieties to what I am used to and mostly more than one pack, in some cases 4, 5 and 6. Interestingly 2 packets of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin that keen growers use for the biggest pumpkin in shows, the one you need a truck for.

Image result for giant pumpkins
One Giant Pumpkin.

I was just getting used to all  these  70 packs in all, when 2 days later another box full arrived from Mr. Fothergills this time. More different varieties and some new ones like Beetroot, Basil, Coriander, Chives, Cumin, Cabbage, about another 70 packs. Again more than one packet of the same seed. I am very grateful to these two companies for helping this community out.

Seed Company Donations.

Today was my Garden day, and I had sent a note out to everyone to come and plant seeds, now that we had heaps. No water mind you, unless we take it, but heaps of seeds. Slow and steady, is how we are, but I do wish the water came first before anything else.

Looks Promising

 Two of my dear friends up from Melbourne also helped, both  to make 3  new climbing frames and finish off our last wooden bed and plant seeds along with my sister, a member, and 2 other members. In all we had 12 today, so having been the first Sunday of our new day instead of Saturday a good turnout.

The Last Wooden Bed to be Built. John, my friend Graeme at back , and member Javan.

John is very glad to have this part of the beds finished as he was building them with the members help.

Members Rented Allotments 20 in all.

2 Corners, 2 Middle, and  2 Corner Beds,  Either Side of the Path, dividing quadrants.

Left hand side of the above garden is the Community Part. The right had side will have the Pavilion. Eventually a table will fit in the space left in the Corner Beds. In the distance on the LHS you can see the  3 double width climbing frames.

LHS Back  had 3 x Single Width Climbing Frames

We built today 3 single width climbing frames for Madagascar beans, Luffas and Miniature Gourds. These are a bit more permanent and their shade will go into the area for trees and seating behind the double climbing frames.

Climbing Frames and Beds.

Another tiring day, but as a special occasion for my friends who will sadly be leaving tomorrow Roast Lamb tonight. Yay!!!!

Till next time.


  1. So good to hear how Greenpatch Seed Company and Mr Fothergill's sent you all of those seeds. What a wonderful feeling to have received them I'm sure. The beds are looking so good and I can already envision them filled with lovely produce and people.
    Now back to those pumpkins.......may need a whole new area for them alone.
    I hope you all enjoyed your roast and company.
    Well done.

    1. Thanks Kylie, and yes the roast was wonderful.

  2. That's amazing you got all those seeds. This could be the beginning of a vegetable growing competition for the locals. :)

    1. It could be, we have 7 rented ones so far.


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