Sunday, July 30, 2017


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Well an other busy week has gone by in this neck of the woods. I was surprised to see our Azaleas out this week as I remember when being a wedding co-ordinator with a local Golf Club and where hundreds of Azaleas bloomed in the first 2 weeks of September, the most popular days of the year for booking early. July just seems a tad to early.

The daffodils are well on there way now and so bright and cheerful in the garden, as the odd one is scattered here and there, along with jonquils.

That triggered me to start looking at some more seeds to plant, plus the weather has been lovely and warm during the day, although cold at night. The soil is heating up nicely.

My wet seed table

Problem is there is just no more room on the seed table, so out will come the meat trays and I keep just a little water in the bottom. This eliminates having too check daily and the soil keeps moist for the seedlings to grow.

Years ago I made a tiny booklet using A4 paper, for what to plant indoors, direct and transplant in seedlings. Specifically for this area of sub tropical. Went through the Gardenate website and jotted it all down. I have been handing this out to the new growers at our community Garden so I thought I would put it on  here for those interested in making one.

Mini Year Long Garden Planner

Complete Book ready for stapling

Print it to A4 pages odd on first side the evens on reverse side. Cut in half and then fold in half. Sew together or staple.

Printed pages -  double sided

Cut and Read to put together.

I hope you enjoy using one of these. Keeping them every year with notes also helps you plan.

Till Next time.


  1. That is a very good idea, should make one suitable for my area, will save data usage.

  2. I just love everything about daffodils. They always surprise me when they pop up and yellow is such a feel good colour.
    Your booklet is amazing and I will be using it for next years plan which I will complete by the end of the year.
    I did a plan for the first time end of last year however was a little too ambitious as I don't have as much room as I thought. Next plan will be more finely tuned.
    Thanks for the booklet.


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