Sunday, July 16, 2017


Checking Out Front Garden

Last year a red mustard plant grew out the back and this year one came up just at the entrance, at least I think its a mustard. The colour is wonderful so I took a photo to show you. We gets lots of comments as it looks magnificent, and roughly a metre across.

Red Mustard Plant

While out there, I decided to show the rest of the front garden.The snow peas are well on their way I planted last week, and the pink flowers of the purple peas look great, bit like a sweet pea in flower if you didn't know better.

Purple Podded Peas

The  planting of lots of bulbs, ranunculas, daffodils, babiana,  triteleia, freesias and muscari and created a flower garden with them, are growing well.

The Flower Garden

The row of garlic and perpetual leeks look healthy, and I am really pleased about the garlic, I hope that we get decent size bulbs with it. 

Garlic in Front Half

 Parsnips and tomatoes in the corner.

Parsnips have so Lush Green Leaves

 Carrots in different stages in the raised bed.

Carrot Bed

The glasshouse has a plethora of plants on the wet bed and I really need to start sorting them out, meanwhile the seeds in there are also growing well and I need to transplant them into some larger seedling trays.

The Glasshouse Wet Table
New Seedlings

Unfortunately  we  have been spending way  too much time with the Community Garden and I am getting behind.
The funding is sadly going slowly, I  have lowered the amount needed to $20,000 and our new aim for 1000 people to contribute $20 is now down to 880 needed, so it is progress. 75 days to go.

Till next time, stay safe.

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  1. Your garden looks so healthy and you have a really good mix. How lovely to see it progress so well. You have a very interesting front garden.


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