Sunday, July 23, 2017


Demolition of a Garden

Last Monday we pulled apart a prize winning fruit and veg. garden as the new owners only wanted 2 or 3 beds. It was definitely my dream garden, 10 large beds 6 of them caged, at least a dozen fruit trees.

Overgrown and unloved but such a perfect garden.

 The citrus trees were loaded and we took 2 buckets full of limes lemons and oranges for the members.

Lemons in front

Four of us took most of the day to load the trailer with all the wood and wire, and we still have to go back to finish it off. Gained lots of plants though, for the community garden, rhubarb, lemon grass,
princess lilies, an unknown bulb but suspect it another lily, bunching onions, oregano, strawberries.

Boards removed

 The soil is going to be bulldozed flat for lawn. Still two more beds to do, and leaving just the back ones. The plastic "glasshouse" has two beds either side and the owners are pulling that down as well.

Load of wood ready to take back.

Tuesday  was our normal Garden day and now we are changing to a Saturday, so those with keys open the gates on different days. 7 Beds are now rented so come spring the members will need more time. We went yesterday our first Saturday but it drizzled off an on and only 2 members popped in. We managed to fill a bed with herbs and put up a bean trellis.

In my own garden I have potted up new seedlings, mostly flowers, and planted some madagascar beans in t/rolls for the garden bean trellis.

The glass house is getting hot now and at some time will have to consider when to put the shade cloth on. It has been quite cold here recently and  last night it hit 4.7C  degrees and the apparent temperature 2.9C so a cold spell like this, still shows me to wait a bit.Love having the fire on though, but have to get a new supply of wood, this coming week.

Hope your week has gone well.

Till next time.

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