Sunday, July 9, 2017


I Have Had a Birthday

What an interesting date 7/7/17 was and a special one for me being my birthday. Not only that my Brother and Sister in law were here from Melbourne by coincidence, to celebrate as well, our eldest daughter was up on holiday, and our local eldest son, who happened to be home alone as couldn't get a week off while the rest of the family enjoyed a holiday on the Gold Coast, also helped celebrate at a lovely local Indian restaurant. It was a really cold night, so lucky we had spicy meals. The biggest surprise was dinner and show present given for Wicked in London, our next holiday we are taking with the eldest daughter, from all the children. Don't you love family.

Great Present

This was all followed by dessert and coffee at the RSL and putting $10 through the poker machine. Certainly made my son's night as he won $144.00 while the rest of us were watching the final throws of the machine, which of course made the other patrons curious to come and see, then gave up in disgust that it wasn't "A Big Winning". For this family though it was both fascinating to watch and a great prize to get.

Part of my family

The previous day was spent with my mother, who didn't recognize my brother at all. We had lunch,
7 of us at Anchors Restaurant, the one we take mum regularly too on the river.

Lovely Water Views from Inside.

 It was fun but mum is now getting to the stage we find it hard to take her out. Difficulty trying to get in the car, and for some reason always head first, you don't realise how it is when maneuvering arms and legs to sit down, until you have to show an adult which bit goes in first and turning slightly to sit down, 10 minutes of struggling  with dementia and old bones, that cannot quite get the concept. Try hopping in your car slowly next time and recognizing your movements? Try going in head first also and you will get the picture.

Love being on the Water

John and I did another interview with the local community radio for the garden funding. It is pretty slow, which is a sad reflection on 70,000 locals. I am trying now to get 1000 people to donate $20 we can then get the basic pavilion up and actually start to hold all sorts of things, as we will have a place to go.

Our local Community Radio

The weather has been glorious this week, and between everything have done some more weeding, potted up seeds mostly flowers, and put them in the glasshouse. I ordered potatoes for  next months planting. Included also treelings as only $3- 5, maples, trees with flowers or colour. Only 5 but I am going to pot them on and when big enough plant at the Community Garden. Certainly couldn't fit another tree here. I need to take cuttings of herbs also for the Community Garden. Last Tuesday we had built some donated metal beds, so in these will go the herbs and strawberries.

Front is Quadrant for Pavilion and Back for the Community Share Gardens 

One thing with all this advertising is we now have 10 new members and rented out 7 beds. 14 members turned up which was a surprise as it is usually John and I every Tuesday, so madly had to find things for them to do. Can't keep it up though there is just so much without money to buy, for example, fruit trees, bricks, wood. I don't want the area madly dug up as then it has to be weeded, so much easier to keep it as lawn at the moment. We still have 4x3m x .75cm L shape beds to put in and 2 3mx1.5m beds as well. in the above quadrants. So still a little bit of work. The back is also where I will plant trees for shade and seating.

So this was my week.

 Till Next Time


  1. Happy Birthday Chris. Sounds like the perfect birthday to me with your family. An exciting holiday coming up too.
    Have a great week.

  2. Your community garden will come together bit by bit, so glad you have new members.
    Excellent birthday gift, enjoy that one.

  3. Hi Chris, I have only just now caught up with your blog - what a lovely birthday you had! Don't worry too much about the lack of a rush to join your community garden; people sometimes take months to make up their minds if they want to participate. Even those that do, will often dilly dally for ages until taking the plunge. I know, cos I'm one of them!


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