Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Working in the Garden

Even though at night we have our fire on as it is quite cold and early morning can be as low as 1 degree C, during the day it is like spring, so I have been getting stuck into the garden, weeding, pulling up winter veg and generally getting ready for the next lot of crops.
My fisherman friend gave me another tub of fish pieces, and this year  it is left over small filleted whiting that he uses for bait, 1/2 a large tub full. I did so well last year with my tomatoes on buried marlin pieces, will be trying again in the next bed down.

Whiting Pieces, and  Eggshells for Calcium.
I wasn't expecting it so yesterday afternoon I had to dig down 2 feet of compacted soil, as it hasn't rained a lot this way, and as there was a lot of fish had do  a 2nd bed. Guess what, was very tired last night.

Fish with fertilizer, wonder what the neighbours think as they can see me .
 Dug the holes, after weeding,  added the fish then sprinkled with Blood and Bone, Chook Manure Pellets, and then covered the whole lot up.

Left sweet peas climbing up frame.
I then place three empty milk bottles with holes in the bottom for watering deeply.

2nd. bed hopefully the gerberas will improve.
This is the 2nd fish bed next to the round one. It was growing flowers, and I left the gerberas in and dug around them to get the fish in.
To the rest of the garden everything is growing well. Broad beans getting tall and soon they will flower.
Broad Beans
Lemons are getting large and I should pick them.
I always call these my sour lemons
Down on the back corner we have a lemonade tree, again need to pick all the lemons as they are starting to flower again. <
Sweet lemons, this tree needs pruning and feeding.
Broccoli and 3 tomatoes on frames.
Broccoli doing well. This is my 2nd growing and the first ones in the front garden are coming to an end as I am picking all the side shoots at the moment.
More blossom, tree is very confused
The apple tree which I covered for the fruit is now flowering again, but everything looks ok so far.
Snow Peas.
Snow peas out front. We are still picking them, the bottom ones I have left to grow big, and seed for next year. I will have to get creative with the soil on this frame as it has had beans and now peas, so will probably dig up the soil and dig in elsewhere, then replace with more new compost, so I can reuse the frame again for more beans this year. It is easier to do than have to build a new frame elsewhere, and I am not harbouring disease using the same soil for the same vegetable.
Clearing out the front.
Last of all clearing the RHS bed, and getting ready for carrots, cucumber, and generally salad vegetables. At the moment I have lettuce seedlings appearing all over the place even in the cracks of the pavement. So popping them in here and there as they are easy to grow in spare spaces. Last week I cleared a back round bed of potatoes and we had 3 meals from them, super delicious with fresh parsley, one large bucket to go. Yellow beetroot needs picking, and using up all the bok choy around so I can plant more.

Jap Pumpkins were growing on hot driveway after climbing down the side of the garden.
Tonight's dinner is an old fashioned chow mein, usually made with  mince and cabbage, but I will be using bok choy and spinach leaves instead, with two perpetual leeks.  Picked two pumpkins also and have 3 dozen eggs in the fridge from the chickens. Time to make some quiches. All this from a normal suburban block.

Till next time, stay safe.

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