Tuesday, August 9, 2016


How to Exhaust Yourself in One Day

It has taken me two days to recover from pressure cleaning the area that I have been working on, in the garden. Every  year I clean the pavers of weeds, dirt that seems to accumulate, and try and tidy each area in the garden so I can use our water pressure cleaner to try and get it back to original. So this is what I did last Saturday, picked up all the rubbish, like old pots and empty bags, collected all the weeds in the grooves of the pavers and swept in all up as well, that took most of the morning. In the afternoon I then pressure cleaned it and all the water used just pours everywhere which you then have to control it as it also is full of dirt and mould.

During the Weed Cleaning in the Morning
The morning was fairly overcast and we had just got over the huge storm that hit NSW during the past week, so a good time to start as lots of leaves everywhere.

More of the Area which is in the Middle of the Garden.

So after lunch I then started on the Pressure Cleaning. Not hard to do but it does take a bit of time and I didn't finish till about 4.30 pm.

Working Hard.
The guarantee is you will get wet and dirty as sometimes in this garden it gets very awkward to clean the round beds.
So you can see how much it got cleaned, but I think each year it is not as clean as the year before, and also the grout between the crazy paving on the edges of the middle is wearing away as well.

Taken on Sunday,
Some of the low line areas that have developed with the dropping of the pavers leave mud so I will have to go back and scrape all this up with the spade.
Proof I Work Hard
So there I was happy as a pig in mud literally, with a nice clean area, little did I know that next day I could barely move and sat in the same chair all day doing my embroidery, didn't even cook dinner as I was too tired. Thank goodness John is handy like that and had already made a Pea and Ham soup.
Only two more sections to go.
Having a big medical week this week, so not much gardening for the moment, yesterday was the dentist, tomorrow the hospital for my RA infusion and Thursday seeing the Sleep Apnoea specialist for the month trial review of using the masks, I have a choice of two. It hasn't been easy I must say, waking up a lot as masks can develop air leaks if not on properly, and you have to learn how to cope with different movements while asleep lol, but getting used to it. Hopefully I will eventually feel the effects of it.

Till next time take care.

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  1. Looks good all cleaned up. I tend to forget how pale the pavers are when the garden is in full bloom. Love the photo of you with the sprayer and ear protection.


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