Thursday, July 28, 2016


Renovating the Caravan - part 1

Well we started, finally. We bought the van in March and it has taken quite a while to get going on it. Still haven't been out in it either, but life has a way of being busy even when you are retired.

So to date John has been fixing up all the  12 v electrics, and we had a sparky do the 240. A  lot of wires behind the scene were hanging loose, and we only had a trickle charger so a new DC to DC CTek D250S Dual Solar/Alternator charger, a new Anderson plug for powering it went in. New 240v power points behind the beds and in the boot part for outside access. Cleaned all the solar power and generally  fixed the system. All this electrical talk means we  can go self sufficient with plenty of hot water, and cooking facilities, and not run out for several days.

At the moment we are converting the J seat to a dinette, quite an easy changeover.
Re sizing and changing the seat. Made slightly smaller for the entry way.

Where part of the seat was will be built in cupboards and John will make the table into a trifold one meaning it will fold on itself to be smaller and we pull it out for full use. The cupboards have power points and charging stations, and I hope to fit salt/pepper and whatever we need in that line nightly in the shelves left.
I have the fabric and now getting ready to re-cover the seat cushions,  as they are quite good once cut to size. I  only bought new foam for the back rest part of the seats. I will also cover the bed ends which we will raise up to just under the window as they go quite low down the side and the beds, as  I intend to have them look like a couch during the day. Make new curtains and recover the top part of them.

New fabric will make the van bright and cheery, bought on super sale.

The flooring is a bamboo vinyl which will modernize the van and  we will use also for the back of the new seat  and the top of the new shelf along the dinette window.

Picked up two boxes on throw out table at Bunnings very cheap.

Progress is moving along and in a few weeks will hopefully show you the finished look.

Stay safe

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