Wednesday, February 10, 2016


New Chicken Shed and a Picket Fence.

It has taken a while to get to this stage, with the 36C plus heat and  then rain storms and hot again this week, finally, the picket fence run is finished and the enclosure of the shed itself all done. John still has to cut a hole in the side to make a flap door in order to get the eggs but, it is no problem to actually go in and get them.

Enclosed  and Safe

 One good thing I saw somewhere was to make the door, a double swing door. This enables you to open the top one and throw vegetable and fruit scraps in without physically getting in the shed itself. The chickens always want to escape.

Extra Door for Easy Feeding of Scraps

Perch Inside the Shed Itself

Seed Tray

Without the turkeys and all the pigeons eating the seed, it is lasting a lot longer. The tray is to catch all the seed being thrown around while the chickens look for the sunflowers seeds. They go nuts over them, but are not allowed to have too many.
New Picket Fence along the Fruit Trees.

The chickens will be allowed to run  along the inside of the picket fence once John has built  the opening for them.

The other end has its gate ready in case we need extra access. The fence is bolted together in sections and easily removed should we need to get to the fruit trees.

Far End of Run with its New Gate.

The water tank was added plus a bit of extra roof and shade cloth. We realised during the hot weather and rain storms,  they didn't have enough shade or rain protection

New Water Tank on the Chicken Shed.

 The tool shed is still to be moved, and the bridge put back, and I will need to get someone in to help do the Rock garden wall. This was an old waterfall, but we lost a lot of water into the atmosphere,  while it was running, so we hardly put it on, which in my mind defeats the purpose of having one, as lovely as it was. Now with it all open, we can build steps into the garden and weed and look after it  easily, once it is done. The rocks are really heavy to move, which is why we need help.

Future Rock Garden.

  At the back of the above photo is the wall to my back vegetable garden and I would like some steps of some sort there, getting to old to climb up it, and down it. It was the only access I had before.

View over Pond.

I haven't decided how to paint the fence yet, whether to go for traditional white, or dark grey which all the other fences are. I started painting them last year. The sheds will also be painted that colour as well, and hopefully disappear into the background. John has worked really hard on this, and it is looking really neat.

Till next time.

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  1. This is looking really cool. Had no idea you were doing this. Great job.


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