Sunday, February 14, 2016


I Love Harrods..

The girls have done it again. Apparently 2 teacups and a large tea pot are just not enough for one person to have.

So once more, I received another present of more Royal Albert  Country Rose china. Plus some very interesting looking hangers to display them on, which silly me didn't even know you could buy them. They make the teacups look awesome, I must admit.

One T-Cup Hanger

So I unwrapped 2 more teacups and saucers.


This was followed by a milk jug

Milk Jug

Then an adorable sugar basin.

Sugar Bowl

 Today being Valentines Day John bought me a cup of tea, with flower, and a blueberry and yoghurt breakfast, and used a  Country Rose T-cup, so romantic.

Set Sitting on the Hutch

Set looks very impressive now I must say. Tea and scones anyone.


  1. How pretty. And the stands are awesome. Will be over soon for scones. Lol


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