Thursday, February 4, 2016


Freezer Meals

I thought I would have a go at making Freezer Meals. I have seen quite a lot of information about how it saves time, when actually prepping for a meal at dinner time. So today even though it was 27C I made 20 meals, plus 3 of Chicken Kievs which I just divided up from a bulk pack.

Yesterday we went shopping and I bought:-

2 kgs. of mince
24 sausages
500 grms sausage mince
2.3 kgs of chicken breast
packet of bacon
2 kgs. of onions
6 pre made chicken Kiev
$5 packet of fresh mushrooms
Packet frozen puff pastry
Coconut Milk
Freezer bags
Extra Veg from the garden.

First thing I did was fill the laundry sink with hot soapy water. The laundry is right off the kitchen and the tub was very handy for washing frying pans, bowls, ladles  and my hands.

Then I cooked all the sausages, as all those meals just had a sauce added. Plus I did one for the crockpot, I  only browned them so that when they are heated up will all cook again.

Sausages and a Curry and Onion Sauce Started

In the end the sausages made 4 meals for the two of us.

With the mince I made two small meat loaves for either a roast or cold meat. Then 65 sausage rolls.

Rolling up the Sausage Roll Meat

Some with Poppy Seed and Others with Sesame Seed.

The Hot cooked chickens were cut in half and 3 halves, I froze, and the other we had for dinner with salad and chips. The chicken breasts, took the longest to make each meal, several curries, and  pasta sauce.
Most of these meals will be served with rice,  a couple can take pasta and also some with salad or hot vegetables.

Oven Prep for an Indian Curry.

I found the best way to fill the freezer bags was to put the hot food into a bowl first so as to cool off, then put it into a freezer bag, draped over a jug. Labels I did with my label machine hooked into the computer, that  the kids gave me for Christmas once. It is very handy.

Chicken and Cauliflower Alfredo Pasta Sauce.

Some of the meals were using pre-made sauces in a jar, or as paste that I added to. John is fond of buying them, even though most of the ingredients are in the garden, but  he never cooks them and I hate waste.

Filled Jug

The zip lock bags had a hanging device with them and luckily my cooking utensils are on a hook so found it very handy.

Freezer Bags are microwave safe.
Overall I was pleased with the amount I made, but found it quite tiring. I had planned to do a Tuna Mornay and some vegetable fritters with chickpeas and home grown veg, and some Tuna,feta and mint peas rissoles, but will do that another day, or make double when I do get around to them for a meal.

So in the end the meals were:-

2  x Curried sausages,
Tomato & Onion sausages for the crockpot 4 hrs cooking.
Malaysian Satay Sausage
6 meals of Sausage Rolls
2 Meat Loaves
3 x 1/2 roast chicken
Chicken and Cauliflower Alfredo pasta Sauce
Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom in  a Red Wine Sauce
Penang Chicken Curry
Butter Chicken Curry
Makhani Chicken Curry

A Days Work.
These will all keep at least 3 months, so when I have those tiring days, I will be set, just to thaw and heat and throw on some rice, pasta or make a salad.

Once frozen they will also be very handy for when we go camping.

I think I will go and put my feet up. Till next time.

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