Thursday, November 26, 2015


Renovations - Spare Bedrooms

With mum unexpectedly moving out, and family arriving for Christmas, I felt the need to "Do" the bedrooms. I was not expecting it to be quite so soon, like do I need anymore stuff to do at the moment ? Anyway with very little time to get this done, 4 weeks actually,  I have been working my backside off. ( Note: polite way being the lady that I am). Up an hour early also, but can't really complain about not getting enough sleep now, as so tired into bed early.

Anyway this involved moving the scaffolding off the verandah, and with only just 3 more panels to go out there, couldn't afford the time to finish till after New Year, and getting it into the first bedroom. That is after we moved all the furniture out, dismantled the bookcase, which if you have been following I just put all the books back after I Konmaried them, aaaaaah. This house seriously looks like we just moved in, and don't know where to put stuff.

The difference with these rooms is I have to sand all the boards, did I tell you the whole house is tongue and groove pineboard lined, walls, roof and wood floor, great in the 1980's and very serviceable with 5 children but sometimes I think I live in a wood box.

I have debated for years about painting, pinterested a whole board on painting wood paneling white, checked out the Coastal Beach style, Hampton's, Beach Cottages and finally now and this is our 35th year in this house, started. The carpet man is coming today to measure up as it takes 2 weeks to get it in. So instead of cream carpet I can now get something darker, the colour of wet sand I told him and voila there it was. Obviously the Coastal theme is popular this year.

Looking up to the Corner of One room

Oh added bonus outside walls are all brick not painting them though. This one had the bookcase.

There is still the windows and doors to paint, same colour, but in gloss, that is why I am ordering carpet now and also have sent out for a quote to put fans up. For some reason never had the bedrooms fitted although we have 4 elsewhere. Subtopical climate definitely needs them.

Had to paint around that cupboard very heavy and waiting on No.1 son to come get it.

While doing all of this we have had a heatwave, which is usually followed by rainy misty weather. I have had paint in my hair, and all up my arms. Everyone I regularly see are all getting used to me now, covered in paint bits somewhere. This is despite a hat, and gloves. Oh well.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes.

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