Monday, November 30, 2015


The Pop Up Camper

We picked up our new to us 2nd hand camper back in Feb.2015. Actually just after dad died and we were on our way home. I had to fly with mum but John drove all the way from Melbourne to Sydney to No.2 Son's house where it had been put after picking it up from Orange. Yes we went all the way from Coffs Harbour to Sydney to Orange back to Sydney just to get it. These things sell so fast and some are in terrible condition, but this one is perfect, and the first time we have ever bought over the phone after seeing it on Gumtree. It is now in our driveway.

Up and Ready

Its from 1991
We are aiming to do a shake down trip before the end of the year. Just a weekend to see what is needed doing, and how we work with it, for we are going to Glamp it up.

glamp. To camp in style, comfort, and/or luxury while still experiencing the great outdoors; to go glamping. 

 The first things John look at was all the electrical stuff, solar panels, 12 volt, gas, where to put a radio , a TV, while I looked at painting and fabric and room for sheets and towels, gourmet food, new cushion covers. We settled on a new mattress one double and one slightly less. Bought new sheets (why not) and grey doona covers. Aqua fabric 3 lots in various  patterns, for the new covers and curtains. 

The inside is in  pretty good condition and we had the foam on the cushions checked and are still the same density as new foam, so saved on that. 

Inside from the Queen Bed Side.

It's a cosy little van and  the latest version is now called a Jayco Swan while ours is called a Classic. We have found all our old camping goods, tents,blow up mattress, cooking gear, and spread it out all over the veranda. Really between emptying two rooms to paint and now camping gear everywhere, this place needs some serious cleaning up done.

We decided we needed a camp kitchen, so John used some conduit and made one. It should do the trick.The previous owners, and there have been 2, didn't cook inside at all and the cooktop has never been used. The oven also looks very clean. We shall cook on a mini portable BBQ, and should that not be enough we also have a little Japanese style portable gas cook top, enough for the kettle or boiled vegetables. Until we actually go on a trip for a couple of days it is hard to know what we will need.

Camp kitchen, going to cut the storage thing in half as too long.The little square rack is another small stand for the camping fridge/freezer to sit on.

 The bonus now is having the little fridge inside the van, while the 12 volt portable one we used for camping, we can still use for traveling.
There is an annexe with this which you put on before you wind it up. So easy compared to a tent.
We already have chairs and table for inside there also.

 Keep watching this space it is going to be so much fun doing it up. Any hint or ideas do leave a comment.

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