Sunday, January 13, 2019


Fitting out the Craftroom.

I was trying to work my craftroom yet again this month into a usable functional area, for mainly scrap booking, but when you are making do with old 30 year, cupboards and drawers, left over from the kids, and an old table from goodness knows where, plus a long bench that was trying to compensate the rest, finally I called a holt.

This unit I kept, the cubes are 45cm, John made it, but holds way too much.

It has been frustrating for too many years, and I went to faithful Ikea after searching Pinterest for ideas.

The Kallax system being the most popular, which is a series of 35cm cubes, turned out reasonably priced as well. I then measured and planned what I wanted with Johns help, and  we ordered them on line to be picked up at Logan on the Gold Coast 4 hrs. away.
Rather than do this in a day, I then spent the rest of the evening checking out accommodation with AirB&B as it is far more reasonably priced and  enjoyable staying with people than expensive hotels.

This all happened last Monday and Tuesday the room was cleared out as best I could.Our eldest son took all the furniture for his workshop, to put all is tools in, which currently sit on the floor. As they say win win all around.

We traveled up Wednesday, only to come across an accident, which made  the trip slow. So much traffic on both sides, between the roadworks and hold up of  the accident. Luckily we left early and saved an hour with the Qld time of no daylight saving.

Looking towards the entrance

Taken from the door.
I would have liked to paint it again but most of it was covered anyway. Buying it also meant not waiting on John to build something. So that was started Friday.

The biggest unit is 5 cubes x 5 cubes.

On the entrance wall, the door just touches it.
While John was putting that all together I did all the drawers and doors. Some came with the system as it saved $50 and some we bought separately.

I must say it is very efficient putting Ikea products together, and can never understand why people find it hard.

As I have what is called a Scrap Rack full of little bits and pieces colour coordinated, it needed a table top to sit on.

The 4 x 2 cube  is the perfect height.

Two table tops also, 120 x 60cm and 100 x 60cm.  fit in the corner with metals legs that were $5 each.
The black drawer units are cloth and cardboard and much larger than those you get at KMart or Target etc. and at $5 ea. also, so I chose black, as white would get dirty, and red was defining the colour too much, I  wanted to add pink somewhere.

Black Cloth Drawers.

The big unit  looks great and I took some time with the configuration of all the drawers and doors.

Entrance wall
Opposite wall
We changed all the little racks on the walls and added a set of metal drawers to hold my cutters and tools. These drawers below, are also going to be put into the one John made as well, giving me 4 drawer height.

 These little drawers are being added and still to be put together. They will fit under the table.

Now I have to work out where it all goes, so much room, tripled the space and gave me a floor. Will take a while to get it filled right, and I might be able to fit in other crafts I have like jewellery making, and clear up some other areas.
Very, very pleased with it. The cost overall about $1000, worth every penny.
So what do you think?   Till next time.


  1. Wow Chris, what a difference to your craft room. It is a lovely room to spend time in now :)

    I need to do something like this to my messy craft room!

    Thanks for sharing yours.


  2. Your room looks great Chris. It’ll be good to start the year with everything so organised & in it’s place


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