Sunday, January 6, 2019


Hello 2019

Well what a year 2018 was, some I know will be glad to see it go. Having a blog though, allows me to look back on all the achievements we have accomplished in a year, and I must say I am quite pleased. There are times when I think nothing is done but yes I was busy.

For one thing the complete transformation of the front garden. It has gone really well, and the combination of cow manure and mushroom compost is the best thing. The tomatoes have done very well this summer.

Will keep end plants for a little while.

This end needs to go

 I am going to pull them up and plant maybe 4 or so more to see us out till winter, along with the 2nd group that are nearly ready for picking.

New Tomatoes, I Always cover them against Fruit Fly.

 The first lot of carrots were fantastic, the 2nd nearly ready to pull but do you think I can get a third going. I  know it is the heat they like the soil to be about 20C but with the hot winds and hot days, not consistent, and by the time 30C comes forget about starting anything at all in open ground. I have also been struggling with  climbing beans which is surprising.

Zucchinni and cucumbers have done well and again planted a 2nd lot of yellow zucchinni and about to set seed for more cucumbers. Surprisingly I picked a hearting lettuce like Great Lakes recently, just a one off thing which I thought woudn't do well, but even in the heat hearted so might try that again.

New Yellow Zucchinni

Cucumbers and Dill

Best of all the Hollyhocks are blooming.

First time in growing and seeds from my best friends 90 plus year old mother who still works her garden. They are huge but so beautiful.

Hopefully 2019 will also see me getting some projects finished. Finish knitting a cardigan, paint the verandah and bathroom painfully still ongoing, set seed for winter crops, changing the craft area with some Ikea cube shelving, hopefully next week, who doesn't like going to Ikea!!!!!!

Camping at Alice Springs, but also some more mini camping especially if we can take Einstein.
Oh and starting a painting as a surprise present for someone, and making some cards to sell. I am also looking at getting the pavers lifted in the backyard and replacing with concrete. Hoping that will eliminate the weeding between pavers. Lawrence the gardener has to fix the steps anyway and is working on a plan.

Picked today the last of the Potatoes.

 The community garden of course is still on my mind and still deciding what role I will play. I haven't noticed the free time as such as been busy with visitors, but once a routine is established for this year will maybe fit in some time for the bushhouse and starting seedlings etc. rather than digging and weeding, I need to do that here as things have gotten out of control to a degree.

Astrology wise 2019 is a year of new beginnings, creative expression, and the start of a 7 year cycle, of forward movement. Well I will certainly do my best, especially also that our mortgage finishes in 2 weeks.  I look forward to this new year. What are your plans?

Happy New Year everyone, and my your dreams come true.

Till Next Time.


  1. WOW beautiful Hollyhocks!
    i can't get them to grow here yet but my front garden needs a lot of work & replanting with plants that do well in hot weather & droughts
    love your log fence in the back ground there too
    thanx for sharing


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