Sunday, June 3, 2018


Rosella Jam

One of our  members at the Community Garden has been growing Rosellas. This plant is part of the Hibiscus family, and look lovely in flower.

Rosella Bush

 After the flower is finished a rosella is formed and this is what you pick to make the jam.

They grow all over the bushes like this.

Close up of rosellas

The petals have to be peeled off and thrown into a pot while the inside, which is made of of lots of seed is put into another pot. This is then boiled and forms a pectin to be added to the first pot. Sugar is added and there are plenty of recipes on the net. I also added apple to bulk it out a bit.

Rosellas ready for removing petals

It is a bit of a fiddle with all the bits but the jam takes like a berry type. I added some lemon so there is a nice tartness to it as well.

Rosella petals

Rosella seed pod

There were two bushes and the members have been picking lots of rosellas to have a go, so next year we are going to do a hedge of them between the fruit orchard and the native bush tucker garden.
Maybe one day we can sell them or sell the jam, anything to make some money to help the garden.

Rosella Jam

The plant mainly grows in humid areas, as it likes the warmth. If you get a chance though buy a jar.

Till next time, stay safe.


  1. Chris I use an apple corer to separate the petals from the seed pod. It makes a fiddly job so much easier. I have been bagging and freezing my rosellas. Once the plant stops fruiting I'll make up some jam and some syrup for over icecream. Remember to save seeds from the big happy fruits. I havent bought rosella seeds for the last four years. The four plants I have in this year are all volunteer plants. Have fun with your fruiting hedgerow.

  2. I don't remember seeing rosella jam at the store. I'm going to put it on my list for f things to buy when I'm in Melbourne. 😊

  3. That is a goodly amount of jam, wish my four plants had done well, all I managed was 5 small jars of jam this year. Better luck next year, that is if I grow them.


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