Sunday, May 27, 2018


Saturday Was Friday

 Friday was supposed to be my washing day, everything, sheets, towels, clothing maybe 3 - 4 loads for the two of us, but I had to go and sit for 4 hrs. in front of KMart promoting the community garden, it was Market Day and we were invited along with other community-based and small traders.

Bit different stand this time. 

We sold all most $43 worth which is better than nothing but with 3 days notice not easy. Anyway back to the washing NOT DONE!!
By the time we got home it was nearly 2, a bite to eat, read the forum and now it is 4 and raining and cold so I lit the fire, so much for heavy cleaning day, well that is what Friday was, when  I was doing  Sidetracked Home Executive cards, lol seems to have stuck, one positive thought.

I  found them the other day, my cleaning cards, still haven't had a moment  though to look at them, but I have decided to start using them again to keep me on track, I really, really need too.

I was sitting in a family room, mess up to my eyeballs in junk. This is week 8 of the Grand Cleaning Plan I am doing with the Homemakers Forum, and 6 other rooms are clean of which I have locked the doors, OR Lightening will strike he who dares enter!!!!!...... but all the "miscellaneous" junk is here in front of me taking space looking like a version of hoarders. I have to sort it, find a spot, or put it with the other 8 boxes at the front door ready to go to goodwill, or my sisters garage sale, she wants it to make spending money for her holiday and figures I can give it to her instead, along with my sale day help, also.

My favorite cupboard between kitchen and family Room all clean.

Sat. then turned out to be Friday in the long run. Did 4 loads and hung it all out. Normally I just take the sheets off the line to remake the bed, but it has turned cloudy with a chance of rain, so I was forced to get more from the very full walk in linen press, although leaning from the doorway and reaching is all I could manage.

Arnotts Biscuit Tin Collection above the cupboard.

Then I went mad and vacuumed the whole house, and washed the floor. Just moved all those pesky to sort boxes out of the way, or dumped upwards on something. The phone rang and in my haste tripped over boxes and fell flat on my face, with phone in hand, rolled over and answered it. "This is Mr X I forgot the password to my computer your husband just picked up, so how are you today."
"I just fell over and lying on the floor thinking about broken bones." .... SILENCE..... poor guy... he finally asked " are you all right" and I was but I lay there in shock after I hung up, trying to remember said password so I could write it down.

My knees hurt in case your wondering, must have landed on them on a box, before I fell forward, and my wrist is sore. Luckily nothing broke, my bones border on the thin density line, hip being the thinnest.

Pea, Ham and Veg Crockpot Soup

Anyway after a sturdying coffee, sorted out the toilets, does any one do swish and wipe these days? Made the bed, found different towels, and a new mat. Then I really must have knocked my head because I put the crock pot on with some pea and ham soup, started some bread to rise, and  waiting for a whole of orange cake to bake, so I can take it tomorrow for morning tea at the community garden.

Feeling very clever because now I can find the appropriate cleaning cards and write the date that vacuuming and cleaning are done. Routine has BEGUN!!

Till Next time.

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  1. Orange cake looks so good. For your 'To Do' list, I encourage you to check out I use it for everything. You can even share lists with a friend. For example, the grocery list can be shared with your spouse so they can add to it and you will see. They will also see when you have ticked an item off the list. Very handy. Look after yourself.


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