Sunday, June 10, 2018


Boomerangs and Bush Tucker

Another project has now been completed for the Community Gardens. All Rotarians this year according to the International Rotarian President, were asked to each plant a tree.

 Our local group contacted us and donated $250 of which we decided that a Native and Bush Tucker garden was in order. On the concept plan there is a designated area for it, but as that area has natural bush and also part of a road, I decided to design an area down by the fruit orchard.

You can see the orchard to the left.

 I hovered on matching the citrus area, but then came up with an idea of a boomerang, which is what we did. Two in fact and a circle in the middle.  The circle is going to be changed into a turtle by placing a smaller circle for the head the legs, I suppose just straight but  small angled beds from the body. As it has rained heavily after the planting day, we are waiting for the ground to dry out.

All at work

This particular area holds all the water, and in future we will have to sort out a drainage system, most likely a swale of some sort

Planting a Lemon Myrtle Tree

Morning Tea was served, and I took a nice tablecloth and some paper plates but the wind was so rough that in the it was packed up, and served cake out of the boxes, not that the men really noticed lol.

Jan folding it all up. 

Trees Planted were Lemon Myrtle, 2 NSW  Davidson plums and a rare and endangered Qld one, a Sandpaper Fig, Finger Lime, Walking Stick Palm, 2 Macadamia Nut, and a Qld. Bush Nut, 2 blue flax that have edible blue berries, and some Qld elk horn I happened to pull from my garden. Not bad for a start.

Deciding where to put everything.

When funds are available we will also plant some Australian flowering natives as these were used for nectar, and maybe a Banksia as they look good. John has taken particular interest in this garden, and been reading up on all different trees we could use. 

The rain flooded the area, and although we raised the beds with 5 cubic metres of compost, it needs a bit more work done. 

Our Native Australian /Bush tucker Garden all set to grow. 

Thanks goes to the Local Rotarians. Well Done

Following this event several days later the Mayor made a very quick visit, to see where the pavillion is going, John applied for a grant for this although we have put a deposit down for a  6m x 6m Gabelled Roof Double Carport,  and we are hoping that is a good sign. All other grants have been a letter to say we didn't get it. 

Fingers are crossed.

 Till next time.

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