Sunday, April 1, 2018


Front Garden Update

Well another week, has gone quickly. Happy Easter to everyone, l hope you all have had a nice break. This week had my infusion, did the shopping, went to embroidery class,  visited mum in the nursing home, and the community garden. Just a normal week really.
We did manage though to fill up one of the finished beds with some of the mushroom mulch and cow manure mix.

One smelly soil mix.

Two ute loads actually.

Filling up the wheelbarrow

John loaded up the bed, and I pushed it everywhere, with the odd bucket full to fill in spots.

Hard at work

The herb bed has actually  been raised higher and I have started pruning eveything plus adding more soil mix.

John has nearly finished the other bed on the opposite side, I just have to sort out the soil  on the inside as covered in nut grass, which I will weed, then cover the base  in cardboard.

Other side, needs the bottom soil sorted, then cardboard.

There is still two more smaller beds to build alongside the bigger one and the path way to work out.

Project Manager Einstein

The community garden also seems to have taken a lot of time this week. We have a market coming up in a fortnight so getting ready for that. Planting lots of seeds in punnets, and finishing up our seed packets to sell. This time we have our own stand.

Daylight saving also just finished , and today felt a bit weired time wise. I actually missed not having that extra hour of daylight.

Till nest time.


  1. I feel tired just looking at all that shifting of soil! Looking good though.

    1. It is the smell that gets to you earthmotherwithin.

  2. Looks like you've been busy. That soil looks so go - I'm sure your plantings will go gang-busters.


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