Sunday, March 25, 2018


Autumn Time for Pruning

What a mess my garden is. This week it rained on and off every day. Today though it is hot and sticky, and I am tired after spending all weekend scrapping at the Guide Hall.

I have managed though to prune trees and weed some of the garden between showers. Not that I found time to actually put it all somewhere.

The apple trees were first, I think now they should come down altogether as with the weather warming up even tropical apples are struggling. I might feed them more than usual this year and see what happens.

Size of the apple Trees

Pruned as far as I could

The pond is really hard to sort out. Means actually getting in and doing it. I haven't got the strength so waiting on John to do so. We have the waders for the job for 3 years now, but he can never find the time.

Very thick growth

Need help!

The Mulberry tree is supposed to be a miniature one but it is the fastest grower of all. Love Mulberry Jam, of all the tress I would keep this one.

Mulberry Tree before pruning
After pruning

The lemon and Lime trees had got very leggy so cut them back as well while I was at it. Certainly opens everything up with all this pruning.

Lemon Tree

Lemon and Lime Trees

The Madagascar bean had taken over so much fence and also escaping into next door. I have plenty of beans to last the winter so gave it a good cut. It will grow back quite quickly so not worried how it looks.

Madagascar Bean

Lots of bean growth left on the ground as at this point heavy showers. Still need to pick it up.

Bean growth

John covered the tomatoes for me with some netting as I didn't want any fruit fly attacking them. They have put on some marvellous growth with all the rain. It is still quite warm for them to grow well.

Next to Lemon Trees in Round Beds

Apollo Tomatoes

Of course all the flowers under the apples have come out. Japanese windflowers.

Very Pretty

Still a lot of work to go. The plum tree needs pruning also and of course John is still working on the front. Not enough hours in the day lately. Hope your week has been better

Till next time.

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  1. It's never ending itsn't it. Sometimes getting rid of the prunings is the biggest job! But such a sense of satisfaction when it's all looking a little neater. Good luck with the rest of the autumn to do list.


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