Tuesday, December 8, 2015


It's Filofax Planner Time - Free Printable

At this time of the year I like to organize my planner ready for the following year. It also helps me to focus on what I did all year and if my routines are working or need changing. I have found lately that I visit mum in the nursing home, attend  2 sewing groups, bible study, shopping, plus a scrap booking weekend now and then, that I feel  like I am out nearly every day. I am looking at combining several things on one day thus freeing me up to actually be at home a whole day or two.

My old Style

New Layout A5 Non Dated

So I have redesigned my weekly page, making it more for general use. Added in actual Zones so that I don't have to keep looking them up. For those who enjoy planning their week, please feel free to download. Print back to back on A5 paper, (A4 cut in half) for multiple weeks, punch your holes for whatever size you need. A5 is a perfect size for me not to big. It is easy to start several, if you have a lot of projects for instance, of a major cleaning schedule, or garden,  use your main Weekly planner to send you off to any others. That way you don't have to over stuff your planner. For those who are new to planning a simple A5 two hole D ring folder is perfect, with a two hold punch and away you go.

 These are the new pages.

 Free Undated A5 Weekly Planner

 A Mission Plan which I found  as tag downloads on Pinterest from Paperwishes, are perfect. This page gathers all your plans together for the month. I have already tackled December last  week, of what I would like to get through, this again helps me focus, but due to the Christmas Holidays I am mainly aiming to do some entertaining and resting.

November 2015 Mission Plans

My Pinterest Mission Plan Board

It is truly amazing having everything written down.  So do have a go.

Till next time.

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