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Do You Know Where Everything Is? - Free Printable

Do you know where everything is? Whether it is boxes under the bed, or bags of  wool, or material stuffed in the linen closet, preserves in the garage, presents at the top of the wardrobe, having an organised list is what you need.

This will take a bit of time to do but allocate one day a week to pull out these boxes giving them a label like Bedroom - Box 1, Box 2 etc. and jot down all that you have hidden under the bed. It helps to also label the box with a sticker on top or the side depending how you look at it. If you tell someone else "it's in box 3 under the bed",  they will instantly know once they get down on their knees, lol ,and look.

An organized Garage from Bellaorganizing

I am myself sorting items then packing what I want back into a box, eg. sewing items. The box is marked "sewing items" but really I need to know exactly what that means, this is especially true for knitting wool, knowing what colours are in the box is a great help, without having to pull it down from the top of the linen press in my case and looking.

Its not a new idea, Sidetrack Home Executives had a similar system using their card system. Each Card represented a box somewhere, where as I am using this A5 page to put in my planner.

By jotting down each item eg. camping equipment and checking the box with the list, you will instantly know if the torch is missing.

Use this free printable below and record what you need for finding items at a moments notice.
This sheet can also be used for projects on the go, mending to do, UFOs, anything that requires finding. Should you have lots in the boxes, just fill in the whole page ignoring the "Box No" except for the first one.

Some Storage Suggestions are:

Seasonal Clothing
 Party or Picnic Supplies
Old clothes that are Heirloom like a Christening Gown
Arts and Craft  Supplies
Small Camping Equipment.
Stuff that belongs to Children that have left home
Sports equipment or skiing Clothes
Christmas Decorations
Christmas Gifts Purchased through the year.
Gift wrapping Supplies (include scissors and tape)
Old Toys and Books
Childhood Memories
Knitting or Sewing Patterns
Assorted Tools ( never lose the hammer again)

A5 Storage Document - Free Printable

 If you have any ideas please let me know. I hope you find this helpful.

 Till next time.

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