Sunday, February 4, 2018


Seed Saving Time

At one time in earth's history seed saving was common. No stores to run down to to buy your yearly seeds. Now a days though it is not as popular and you will find only the most dedicated gardener saves their seed. I am one of them.

For a start you have to be willing to let your plant sit there while it produces seed, rather than whipping it out to plant more vegetables or flowers. So  space can also be a priority.

It is best to choose a healthy plant, mark it and look after it till the growing and flowering cycle is over. Then simply collect the seeds for next years crop. Any seeds you buy, that are marked F1 or F2 will not produce viable seed. These are a combination of parents and usually if they do grow is a very poor result of the actual item. So if you are interested in collecting stick to the Heirloom varieties that are true to character.

Madagascar Beans before getting seeds.

Madagascar Bean like a jewel.

Some seeds like beans and peas are easy, just let the vegetable grow and dry on the vine. Flowers such as Marigolds, flower, drop their petals and leave a dry husk that is full of the seeds.  Others like Californian Poppies leave a tiny" bean like" seed pod.

Purple King Beans with Black Mexican strays

Lettuce seed develop from the lettuce growing tall and producing fluffy seed pods, which allow the wind to carry the seeds everywhere. When Basil goes to seed tiny circles are left and rubbing them between you fingers allows them to fall.

Lettuce Seed ready for pulling apart.

Basil Seeds inside these circles. They will fall out once rubbed together.

Tomato, cucumbers, capsicum and such have their seeds inside the fruit. I cut these open when ripe and rub the seed on a paper towel then leave to dry. Simply planting the towel in small pieces with seeds on them will produce a plant. Tomatoes in season can  be cut in half  or slices and buried in a pot of soil and kept moist, and up they will come. Alternatively put seeds in a small glass of water and they will separate for drying.

Tomato Seeds

Before packing up your seeds whether in jars, paper or plastic bags, make sure they are thoroughly dry otherwise they will rot, taking the whole lot with them. Label, and date them. Seeds kept in a fridge will keep for several years.

Onion Seed

The Flower of a Carrot read to go to seeds

A lot of these seeds I will pack in tiny envelopes for selling, to raise money for the community garden.  Those for myself, I sort out and keep in photo boxes. At the moment there are seeds everywhere.

Should anyone be interested in collecting, obtaining the Seed Savers Handbook, which is available online everywhere, for everything you ever wanted to know.

Its saves money collecting your own, they grow better, as they are  used to the climate and soil, and it's also a  fun hobby.

The good news this week is it has finally started raining, and we are enjoying the cooler weather.

Till Next Time, stay safe.


  1. i like to save seeds, most of my garden is self seeding; i do collect a few
    great post
    thanx for sharing

  2. Fascinating stuff, very cool!


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