Sunday, February 18, 2018


Community Garden Update.

We are all celebrating the arrival of our large water tank, donated by the council. It has taken a year of waiting, and finally it is here. Thanks to one of our member's sons, we have photos of the day. There is more on the South Coffs Community Garden facebook site.

Getting it off the truck.

Crane is part of truck.

 The men had already hooked up two IBC's, which hold 1000 litres, which has been a relief from bringing  water in, but the tank holds 10000 litres, a big difference.

Getting it into place.

Many hands make light work.

It has been 9 months since I became garden co-ordinator, so looking  back, the group have  been very productive. Lots of different vegetables have been taken home by all, and of course lots of seeds to sell on. At the moment I am getting together seed envelopes, and a stamp made with our name, to make up our own seed packets for sale.

Whit spine cucumber ...delicious

The red container now has new shelves in the back of it with a new wall across at the halfway mark roughly, and a locked door, to protect all the expensive tools and such.
The space in front can now take the wheelbarrows, trolleys and ladder. The white container is our office space plus a few garden things, but we can also run meetings in there which happened last meeting due to a spot of rain.

Cherry tomatoes

Thai eggplant

With the tank now in we can finally put the polytunnel up. There had to be space left for the council truck to deliver the tank. One day I hope to sell seedlings either at a yearly festival with market stalls etc. and monthly sales. This then hopefully will help pay for insurance, fertilizers and tools.



Once the hot weather is over we can start the next phase, fruit trees, entrance arch, childrens area, which will be a project with  Special Ed kids next month.

Exciting times ahead

Till next time.

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  1. This is awesome! That's so nice of the council to donate the Water Tank. Is there a link you can provide for their website as well as the SCCG? The children's area sounds very exciting, I'll be very curious about how that develops.


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