Saturday, August 19, 2017


Strawberries and Potatoes

This week I have been planting potatoes. I bought a "special" from Garden Express 1 kg. of King Edward, Desiree and Nadine.

Desiree on top, Nadine Left and King Edward Right

I haven't got room in the garden, so I thought Pots would do, but I didn't anticipate just how many a kilo of each is, some were quite small. Round and round the garden I went collecting pots, green planting bags, and anything that held soil.

Looking Down on my Working Area

John has an old wheelbarrow top so I used that to put in any soil I could find, plus some perlite, and some fine mulch he chipped from the fruit trees, that we pruned hard. Added some blood and bone, and 1/4 bag of sheep manure and mixed it all up.  While I was at it decided to also thin the strawberries from their hydroponic pots.

Strawberry Hydroponic Area.

The strawberries had sent off new ones and the pots were very crowded, I thinned these and put one back in the pots with new soil and also started any others in the bigger hydroponic pots we have.

Sorting it all Out

Meanwhile back to the potatoes. Two of the pots I emptied had small potatoes in them, what a bonus. They are great boiled up with a bit of butter and chopped parsley. Although you shouldn't plant potatoes or tomatoes in the same soil, by mixing up my mixture I feel I eliminated any possible disease.

Not a Lot but Enough for Dinner. Drying in the Sun.

I ended up with filling 13 potato pots no less, most had 3 potatoes in them. Before I put the potatoes in I did one shovel of soil, a sprinkle of Chicken Pellets, then another shovel full of soil, then the potatoes, and covered them up quite thickly. They will grow easily through all this, then I will add more soil.

Desiree in this lot.

The King Edwards took up the most, there was quite a few small ones.

King Edwards

Down to the bags and one pot for the Nadine.

Nadine Potatoes

The strawberries all went back in to the 4 pot holders nice and neat.

Right Side

Left side

Finally the excess plants went into the bigger hydroponics area. Let's hope I get lots of strawberries after all this effort.

Juliette Strawberries.

Still have to clean up, aahhhh that can wait.

Till next time.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of potatoes. I love sweet potatoes however they don't grow well in our area.
    I have my fingers crossed for a good harvest of strawberries.


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