Sunday, July 2, 2017


Digging for Health and Happiness

Well it has now started officially our crowdfunding campaign. What a week. Interviews with the local paper and we got on the front page. Article in the Advocate

Interviews with the ABC and another photo for their facebook site, and booked in for 2AirFM next week, a local community radio in their gardening section.

Collection Tin

A huge day yesterday at the Sawtell Chilli Festival, talked our heads off and a little hoarse today. So tired last night. Collected $95 in loose change from the people in the street.

Window We Stood in Front of All Day

Then the normal monthly meeting at the grounds, which is the first time there, after having them in a hallway in a hall. 22 people turned up, with 6 new members and 4 garden beds rented. So a good start. Now hoping the campaign will take off as a little slow, and everything rides on getting  a pavilion.
I was a little worried all week, as we have had a bit of rain but the day turned out lovely.
With all the printing of handouts, blowing up balloons, and gathering everything it is a wonder I had anytime to myself. There is a donation emblem now thanks to our youngest daughter if you would like to help us.

Only took 2 weeks for this to happen

 It  was just wonderful to go out to the garden,when I found a spare minute, and plant the new peas I had been growing in the pots, .

New Snow Peas Planted

Finally planted the last rose as well a Peace climbing one.

Planted in the Corner of Front Fence.

Cleaned up a few areas.

Flower and bulb bed.

Rescued my metal bird under all the foliage, and found some more sweet potato hidden, It is what you get with a rambling vine, never know where it sets roots.

The Metal Bird

The end of the week and I am quite tired. Early night again, the weather has turned quite cold as well so enjoying sitting by the fire.

This week Photobucket which I use to upload quite a few photos from my tablet in organized files, so I can work on the PC easier have decided to ban 3rd party hosting which means any uploaded to this blog. A lot of bloggers are very angry, as  up to 14 years of photos have been banned without any warning, so excuse any non photos as I go through them and replace them all. Not going to pay the $400 to un-ban them.  Not an easy task after only two years.

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  1. Article is great and front page - yippee and well done to you all.
    Another 6 members is fantastic. You must all be so happy.
    I could only imagine how tired you must feel both physically and emotionally.
    Well done once again.
    Kylie xx


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