Saturday, June 24, 2017


Exciting Happenings for the Community Garden

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, with the Community Garden. Finally we finished the video and uploaded it to Chuffed which is the Crowdfunding Company we are dealing with. An  Australian company that the Sawtell Cinema used and had a successful fundraising, launching it at the Chilli Festival this time 2015, to save the cinema and update everything.

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Sawtell Cinema
 We got notification last Monday that approval had been given and to go ahead and launch ours when ready, so I decided to write to the Chilli Festival organizers to see if we could fit in a table somewhere and was very surprised and thankful they found room for us. They had been booked out since April.
 Nine days left of planning was a bit quick for us, but with an expected 7000 visitors on the day, the opportunity to launch Sat. 1st. July was too good. It is so exciting.

Once that happened I emailed the Editor of our local Advocate Paper, and got a phone call 10 minutes later, and she loved our video and concept and wanted to do a write up. Next day now Thursday had a phone interview and met the photographer at the gardens for several photos. The editor is going to keep helping over the next 90 days with continual updates in their "garden"" section.

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Bob, John and Graham (President) put the sign up today.

We did a quick whip around to the President and Secretary to get some ideas, and  decided hopefully to hang some pictures on a wall behind us, and hand out as much information we could on the day. John has now been madly designing and printing flyers and  putting big size letters for the link on cards and making up templates for those who will leave emails, to donate when they get home. So much work in so short of time.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”
Ben Carson

If all goes to plan this Community will have a wonderful start. Once we get a roofed pavilion, BBQ and Pizza Oven established, it gives so much scope to hold meetings, to teach and to just have fun.

Wouldn't something like this be nice.

Then if there is enough to get a ride on mower we will be over the moon. One thing I do want is a neat and tidy garden where you can relax under trees, meet friends, or garden in one of the beds. Then join in a social occasion or come to an annual fair. Lots more members would be a great help as well.

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Something like this under the pavilion would be brilliant. 

If all this didn't keep me busy enough, this weekend is another scrapbook event, at the Guide Hall so I was packing and sorting and printing photos all day Friday between washing as well. Pizza for tea that night.

Early in the Day

 Yours truly

Tomorrow Sunday there will be 19 turning up to "scrap" the most we have ever had. There used to be 5 of us meeting at each others house. Times are certainly changing.

To help us please pass the link onto as many friends you can. Thank you.

Till Next Time.


  1. This is such fantastic news. Being at the festival with so many people is wonderful. I'm sure you will be super busy leading up to it however will have a wonderful day.
    Great news on all fronts and so, so positive.
    Well,done xx.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Kylie. Slowly but surely getting there.

  2. This looks great! When does the campaign go live?

    1. You can donate anytime, but our official launch is the 1/7/2017 at the Chilli Festival.


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