Saturday, December 17, 2016


Back from America - Week 2 - San Diego

 After flying once more back to Los Angeles, we then picked up a car at the airport and drove to San Diego. The roads  here seem to be all 5 lane or more everywhere we went, so this was no different. Luckily John can convert easily to Left Hand driving but there is no way I would. Road rules like speeding are ignored, as are blinkers, even when we were speeding just to keep up, we were still being passed. We stayed at an Air B & B, which was a converted garage with a separate entrance. Very handy for us as we ducked in and out during the 4 night stay. The weather also was much warmer.

This was our 2nd visit to the area, and first thing we did was go to the Old Town, a tourist area, of Spanish influence being close to the Mexican border and a combination of shops and old original buildings.

 One of the many shops, this one an open air one, with many outdoor things. Local pottery, also.

  Interesting painted pots

3 pots for $24 and hand painted!

  San Diego had just finished celebrating the Day of the Dead so windows were still displaying that. This is a day where relatives that have passed are  honored and remembered and even parties held at grave sights. A chair where the loved one sat remains empty and favorite foods cooked. Remembrance flowers are Aztec marigolds.

Couple of ladies using succulents

Shop Window

This area being a desert, the gardens are usually succulents, and I rather liked them.

A lot of items are used to create the gardens which makes for easy cleaning in a public area. Restaurants also surrounded this area. Lots of color and a happy place.

Quite a bit of furniture was also painted and decorated. Thought these table and chairs would be a good idea for someone at home.

Love it

We chose a Mexican restaurant for lunch that had won all the best restaurant judging, for the past 15 years. Great food and  of course Margaritas are the go.


 Along with all the old buildings is a complete Hacienda, La Casa De Estueillo,  which had  accomodated several extended families. U shape in style, the many rooms, open and looking over a large courtyard, and  a wagon in the yard.

Where is the horse?

This area is huge, so a long day, and interestingly while resting, we saw a cork tree which fascinated me as I have never seen one before. There were several in the centre village green, which makes you think wine was grown here at one stage.

Cork Tree - Bark actually feels like cork

So end of another day. Our next visit was to Balboa Park, another very, very large area.
 So till next time.

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