Sunday, December 25, 2016


It's Christmas Day 2016

Merry Christmas to all my readers, it's  Christmas Day and early, I am waiting for the family to get up for breakfast and to begin our day. The eldest and family are all coming over for lunch, only a light one of finger food and to open presents under the tree, well sort of a tree, I wasn't expecting present opening at my house.  From there we will play a board game and continue on to their house for a main Christmas dinner with more friends, 15 if us altogether. This gives the eldest's wife a chance to duck over and prepare quietly.

Sort of a Tree

So I thought I would give America a miss today and continue next week. We have celebrated with mum at the nursing home and also taken her out several times in the past two weeks, but today will be my family day. My brother flew up from Melbourne and spent 3 days off and on with mum. She took a while for the memory to acknowledge him, but in the end was all smiles. So here are a few photos of mum's Christmas.
Nursing Home Tree

Mum with Santa

Nursing Home Wall

I must say the place looks lovely with all its decorations.

Yours truly

My brother took us all to a local cafe.

It has been quite a busy time with all that goes on at Christmas. Two of the grown up children have arrived, which is lovely.

I did a bit of decorating, played christmas songs, weeded the garden through all the heat and prepared finger food for the crowd.

I hope everyone manages to see or ring their families at this time.  I will see you in 2017 with more episodes for America.

Stay safe till next time, and have a Merry Christmas.

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